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Latest in Dari Radio

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A report from our correspondent in Afghanistan
There are concerns that despite a great deal of campaign and publicity about the dangers of exposure to the sun rays particularly in summer, a lot of people still...
The Save the Children charity organisation says about 350 million children around the world are now living in areas affected by conflict. Details can be heard...
Migrant-community groups say they are alarmed by proposed new laws which would make migrants wait longer to be eligible for welfare payments. Details can be heard...
A report from our correspondent in Afghanistan

Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

Migrants communities and non-English speakers are far less likely to access mental health services than those who were born in Australia. If you feel like you could...
Qualified translators and interpreters can be a big help when youre new to Australia. Details can be heard here in Dari. 
Tax time is when Australians complete their tax returns after the end of the financial year on 1 July. Details can be heard here in Dari. 
Migrants can access free English classes to learn the basics of English or to improve their language skills to get a job. Details can be heard here in Dari. 
You might be surprised that the majority of overdoses in Australia are from prescription medications, not illegal drugs. Details can be heard here in Dari.