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Kuir E Garang Photo (Kuir Garang)

Armed Opposition in South Sudan: Discussion with Kuir Ë Garang

Kuir Ë Garang is an analyst of contemporary issues with much focus on South Sudan. He is living in Canada. SBS Dinka Radio invites Kuir to discuss armed oppositions (how many there are) in South Sudan, what they are fighting for, and the possible solution.

There are 10 armed rebel groups in South Sudan according to Kuir Assessment and majority of which are in the Greater Upper Nile Region.

Here's the list of rebel groups:

1.The Islamic Movement for Liberation of Raga: Ali Tamim Fartak

2.National Democratic Movement (NDM): Dr. Lam Akol

3.National Revolutionary Movement for the Salvation of South Sudan: Major Lasuba Lodoru Wongo

4.South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF): Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok

5.South Sudan Democratic Movement (SSDM or SSDM/A): Johnson Olony

6.The South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM): Peter Gatdet & Bapiny

7.National Resistance Front/Army (NRA): Cosmas Bidali Wori-Kojo

8.Col. James Deng Mayar & General Agany Ayii (Group name not yet known)

9.South Sudan People Patriotic Front (SSPF): Charles Kasanga

10.South Sudan Army Forces/ Federal Democratic Party (SSAF/FDP): Gabriel Changson/Gen. Gahoth Gatkuoth 

Peter Ajak
Published on
Friday, January 20, 2017 - 15:17
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