Philip Aguer Panyang (Philip Aguer Panyang)

South Sudanese Governor of Jonglei State Philip Aguer Panyang Jot spoke to SBS Dinka after the national committee headed by the Vice President met with the community leaders in regard to peace between the Murle and the Dinka Bor communities. For years, the community of Bor's which make the current Jonglei State accused their neighbors of kidnapping their children and being responsible for other atrocities and cattle's raiding. The situation got worse after the Murle alleged that the Dinka BOr youth attacked their villages last week. The national government formed a committee headed by VP Taban Deng with seniors members of those tribes as members.

Ajak Deng Chiengkou
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Friday, May 12, 2017 - 17:12
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David Yau Yau who is the former leader of the Cobra faction and a deputy Minister refused to travel to Bor and that situation prompted Minister of Information in the National Government to avoid travelling to Pibor. Vice President Taban is talking to the two communities if chances of peace resolutions can be reach. Philip Aguer said,"David Yau Yau and Kenedy never came to Bor but instead went to Pibor. VP Taban went to Pibor and returned to Bor. He is now heading back to Pibor for more consultation with Mulre's chiefs, youth and member of the committee in Pibor. Michael Makuei Lueth (Minister of information) never

accompanied VP Taban to Pibor yesterday and wouldn't go today too. Makuei will remain in Bor"


Here is the interview today with Philip Aguer