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Latest in Dinka radio

Latest in Dinka Radio

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Book writing is proving to be a real deal among South Sudanese around the world. It is encouraging to South Sudanese to be documenting their stories given a long...
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Chol Constant Dealue AKA Chol Aleu new album is dropping in February 2018, in Melbourne. SBS Dinka interview Chol on the important of music.
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South Sudanese Traditional Wrestling is popular among young South Sudanese aged 17 to 30. The program is young in Australia and it is attracting many young people...
Kuir Ë Garang Kuir is published author and reportable analyst on South Sudanese politics. SBS Dinka Interviewed Kuir on his upcoming presentation on South...

Abyei is South Sudan

The case of Abyei as a contested area between South Sudan and Sudan left Ngok Dinka people in limbo. James Aguek is the Abyei community leader in US, he rejected...

South Sudan

News and information from South Sudan

Wife of the South Sudanese former chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan thanks and appreciate all media especially SBS Dinka. 
South Sudanese Governor of Jonglei State Philip Aguer Panyang Jot spoke to SBS Dinka after the national committee headed by the Vice President met with the...
Interview with Angelina Teny on South Sudanese crisis
South Sudanese former head of military Paul Malong Awan in recent interview after his sacking with Miraya Radio called for peace and calm in the country. Malong...
In 2015, 148 South Sudanese students were sent to Zimbabwe on state scholarship to various universities. The South Sudanese Government managed to pay the first...