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SBS National Languages Competition
15 October - 18 November 2018


Share the amazing possibilities learning a language opens for you and WIN!

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Latest in Dutch content.

Socially engaged film director/producer Ivan O'Mahoney got the funds to make two more impressive documentaries together with Sarah Ferguson from ABC's Four Corners.
In today's episode Frans tells us the story of his niece who forgot she learned Dutch as a baby.
President of the Dutch club in Sydney, Frans van Rosmalen talks about his early days as one of the 'Invisable Migrants'.
Madelief Debeij Symons teaches Dutch to children in Australia. She talks about the pros and cons of keeping two or more languages going, and makes the point that...
Learning a language in high school could be a bit of a drag, but what if you had a native speaker to tutor you as well?
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