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The National Congress of Australia's First Peoples says they're appalled by comments made by the Dutch foreign minister who suggested the first people of Australia have been wiped out. "It's an embarrassment and completely unacceptable"  
Foreign Minister Stef Blok, a member of the conservative VVD party of Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, made the comments at a gathering in The Hague on July the 10th. The remarks came to wider attention only after video appeared in Dutch media on...
A play for the whole family. We talk to the director of The Great Illusionist just before she took of to Australia.
Asking for help from your family isn't always easy. It may come naturally for those with a close-knit family, but for others it may appear needy.The secret to getting support often requires a bit of forward planning.
A conversation with Pete Bowman of the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation
The historic vessel The Duyfken is docked in Freemantle, WA. But you don't have to go there to experience what it is like  to be on board of the replica of the first European ship that landed in Australia. The Duyfken foundation launched a new...

Lieke wants to go pro

Soccer could be the pathways to residency for Sydney Olympic Football Club player Lieke de Bever. 
19th Century preachers taught tribes to sing in German.  

Conversations in the desert

Second generation Dutchie Lies Paijmans talks with Joelle Glas about how Australia has effected her family

Belgians take it on the chin

The Belgian community in Victoria is disappointed after the WC loss to France but are now hoping for a third place.

Australian visa changes explained.

Australia wants younger migrants, or older very rich ones, but most of all professional soccer players. 

Belgium beats the Champion Brasil

It was impossible to get a sensible word out of the Belgian fans in Melbourne this morning after the big win. 
Frans Hertoghs knows how difficult it can be: he has done it too!
Running Marathons; an extreme way to exercise but not impossible if you take the right precautions.
International students are a target for shady education agents, says migration agent Mireille Dewalheyns
Should the pension age be flexible?
"I just love my camera" says Sabrina.