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Online Dutch Bookweek for Kids in Oz, another creative initiative from Madelief Debeij Symons, featuring progressive storytelling by the kids themselves and of course there is an after party!
Special reporter for Political Affairs, Dutch ex-parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven, sheds her light this week on local councils and why Scomo can't find a woman to replace Turnbull. 

Citizenship Versus Deportation

Barrister Maarten Vlot explains how easy it is to commit a crime and how Australian non-citizens then run the chance of being deported to the country they came from and 'Peter' only needs one more conviction before he is put on a plane.
Special reporter for Political Affairs, Dutch ex-parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven, sheds light on Scomo, solar panels and empty election promises this week. 
'Eva' looks back on her time on Nauru and fears that trauma inflicted on the lives of the refugees and their children will be felt for generations to come.
It all started with a Facebook post and a dream, it then turned into a media campaign, with a pleading song, creative photo compositions and a dedicated group of people to persuade Guus Meeuwis to come Down Under. An overview.
Singer Guus Meeuwis couldn't ignore the plea from the Dutch Australian community to come Down Under and perform.
Messy, magic and mesmerizing: Horror on the Stage
Second generation Dutchies feel Dutch but they don't speak it, "A shame", says Frans Hertoghs
Even when you are old and wrinkly
Dutch TV's Carole Overmaat was there...
Telecommunications expert Paul Budde is also appalled by the current turmoil in Canberra. 
The Dutch community in Australia is flabbergasted. A quick ring-a-round resulted in a fair few different and sometimes blunt opinions about the  Westminster system, Scott Morrison, 'polderen' and the swing to the right.   
Nicolien van Vroonhoven is stunned by the in-party backstabbing taking place in Aussie politics. 

What's in a weekday's name?

Frans Hertoghs explains the origin of the weekdays as we know them.