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A Dutch bee farming family in Tasmania has been ordered to pay over 2 million dollars of tax in spite of their theological arguments.
MiCare, formerly know as DutchCare, has dropped the ball in their duties of care. "From walking and Talking to dead in three months", Bertha Aalberts certainly didn't get the care she was promised and now the Royal Commission into Aged Care is...
According to Janneke Blijlevens, Senior Lecturer in Experimental Methods at RMIT, the name of her award winning new font says it all: Sans Forgetica. Cramming made easy.
Naidoc Week, what did we get wrong about the Aboriginal culture and history in this country?
Frans Hertoghs feels we should hold on the the Dutch language because it's a good language to conduct meetings in: clear and simple. 

Naidoc Week, what is it?

Naidoc Week, what is it all about?
Marlene Lancett-Smit is a tax accountant and know all the issues around backpackers and their taxes by heart. A guide on how to get some money back from the ATO...
Taxaccountant Marlena Lancette-Smit unpacks all the issues around backpacker tax and superannuation.  
The claims that new research has resulted in a HIV cure in mice has raised some doubts with scientist Dr. Jori Symons who sees himself as a bit of an HIV warrior. 
Sportsjournalist and author Roberto Pennino sheds his light on the upcoming battle between the Dutchies and the Yanks in this preview of the final match of the World Cup Soccer for Women. 
Anna Harreveld started a Dutch Cradle Care business in Queensland providing in home care for mothers with newborns, which leads to less occupancy of hospital beds and to an easy ride into motherhood. She hopes the service will eventually be...
Frans Hertoghs does numbers this week and looks at the strange way Dutchies count and tell the time. Ten minutes past half before eleven is 10.40 for instance. Go figure...
Migration agent Mireille Dewalheyns delves into the changes to the Working Holiday Visa. 
The foundation GOED introduces a new survey on the problems Dutch people abroad face when dealing with their nationality issues, especially when the Dutch nationality is lost.Antonietta Sgkerzi explains.
An Emigration Warning Pack, that is what Eelco Keij wants. He runs the foundation SNBN, which assists Dutch nationals living away from The Netherlands, and he says that a lot of the current problems Dutch emigrants face could be prevented by...