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Paulien Roessink gives us an update now that the countdown to Kingsday and the Guus Meeuwis has begun

The guillotine and other Dutch words

Frans Hertoghs explains the origin of obscure Dutch words
Gerard Willems might have closed the door on the Sydney Conservatory but he is not done yet... 
De Dutch Meertens Institute has launched the third part of the enormous international survey into the Dutch language and culture abroad. Projectleader Nicoline van der Sijs explains the purpose of this latest survey.Link to survey about proverbs:...
Anton Smit, Dutch Film and TV producer discusses the arrival of services like Netflix and their impact on the filmindustry with Ben Ferris, filmmaker and founder of the Sydney Film School.
Anton Smit, Dutch film and TV producer discusses the Joris Ivens documentary 'Indonesia Calling' with Ben Ferris, filmmaker and founder of the Sydney Film School. 

Boomtimes for Film and TV drama?

Anton Smit, Dutch film and TV drama producer talks with Ben Ferris, filmmaker and founder of the Sydney Film School, about the future of their fields of expertise. 
Anton Smit, Nederlands film en TV drama producent, is te gast in de Sydney studio, samen met Ben Ferris, filmmaker en voormalig oprichter/directeur van de Sydney Film School. Anton Smit is in Sydney ter voorbereiding van de film over de documenta...
Veteran sailor Carolijn Brouwer talks to Frans Warffemius about her sailing career. 
Pepijn spent most of 2018 in Australia, and he wants to come back. 

Start of New Year is always scary

According to Frans Hertoghs we drink so much on New Years Eve because we are scared of the New Year...
Ex-SBS broadcaster Rob van der Wardt is giving us his 2018 Dutch news overview through his Aussie eyes.
In this second part of interview with the departing NOS correspondent Robert Portier he tells us how he 'ended up' as a correspondent for a major Dutch news outlet Down Under. 
After many years as the correspondent for the Dutch Broadcaster NOS Robert Portier returns to the Netherlands for reasons all too familiar to migrants worldwide. 
"The housing crisis in Australia is real but there is no end in sight until the federal government recognizes it as a problem for generations to come", says Ellen Witte from SGS Economics and Planning
Adam Muyt, a second-generation Dutch-Australian is going to write a book about the role of the Dutchies in Australian soccer together with Dutch football writer Roberto Pennino now that the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in...