Chemists know more about medication than your GP does.

Frans Hertoghs about beer and rags

Frans Hertoghs is all about words
Tax reform proposal explained by Marlena Lancette-Smit
Economist Ellen Witte talks about the wrong policy priorities
Rob van der Wardt knows his way around already 
Always between two countries...
Rags, words, soup and other stuff
Annemarie Hellemons translated the story by John Thompson Gray about the Dutch warhero Henk Hasselo

Poems: more than just words.

Frans Hertoghs words up a poem.
Journalist Marc van den Broek reviews the Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras in a wheelchair

Nicole Blankers knows the ropes.
They went back to where they came from, but it wasn't the same...
The weather, coffee, bicycles and bureaucracy.

Oil and Words

fFrans Hertoghs talks about oily proverbs

VIVA: CLutter kills

viv clutter