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Plug Me In At SBSDutch

Plug Me In's Wiebe Wakker was live in the SBSDutch studio's and insisted we talk about soccer.
Ex Dutch parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven wonders how Australians are going to cope with the first economic crisis in decades.  
The Holland Festival in Berwick: social media managar Barbara Caulfield ran a tight campaign, organiser and the driving force behind the festival Paul Rubens is convinced there is going to be enough food and Damien the King of Kroketten is...
Lisanne Weston is organizing the Melbourne Kingsday Party this year and it is all on. 
Hera Sengers is an almost professional wildlife carer whose passionate expertise ranges from whales to possums.

Superfood doesn't exist

Chef Geert Elzinga: "Super food just doesn't exist"
Ongeveer 30 jaar geleden arriveerden 8000 Nederlandse vluchtelingen in Australië.
Young, Dutch and successful in Australia: Marieke Schnebeli is a sought after horse trainer who might one day be the the only Dutch trainer of a Melbourne Cup winner.
Nicolien van Vroonhoven takes a closer look at the Australian waste solutions, compares it to the Dutch recycling system and hopes it doesn't all get buried. 
Legal Aid lawyer Saskia Rijfkogel says that 50% of her clients are migrant women who find the Australian Court system too overwhelming to deal with.
Writer/historian Edward Duyker has written the book "The Dutch in Australia" but he has also written a book for his father: "Beyond the Dunes", and Frans Warffemius also talks with him about Edward's experiences at the hands of the Roman Catholic...
Young, Dutch and successful in Australia: Lisanna Weston initially started a small travel agency for Dutchies Down Under, now also runs the Facebook page Dutchies in Australia, has written two travel books as well and she organizes major Dutch...
Dutch ex-parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven is stunned by the latest Pauline Hanson scandal.
Over in Perth the young Dutchies united under Machiel van der Stelt's guidance. 
The new Dutch Ambassador Marion Derckx is looking forward to her time in Australia