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Socially engaged film director/producer Ivan O'Mahoney got the funds to make two more impressive documentaries together with Sarah Ferguson from ABC's Four Corners.
In today's episode Frans tells us the story of his niece who forgot she learned Dutch as a baby.
President of the Dutch club in Sydney, Frans van Rosmalen talks about his early days as one of the 'Invisable Migrants'.
Madelief Debeij Symons teaches Dutch to children in Australia. She talks about the pros and cons of keeping two or more languages going, and makes the point that more and more adults are learning the language of their parents 
Learning a language in high school could be a bit of a drag, but what if you had a native speaker to tutor you as well?
Puck is a busy highschool student but maintaining her Dutch language skills keeps her in touch with family overseas and it also keeps the door open for a possible university degree in the Netherlands. 
Frans Hertoghs is appalled at the idea to just get rid of the Dutch language
Elsje, 11 years old,  is a 'new arrival' from the Netherlands and spoke very little English when she started primary school in a Melburnian suburb.
Special reporter for Political Affairs, Dutch ex-parliamentarian Nicolien van Vroonhoven on the political campaigns, trouble with the National party and the confusing mess of Australian politics

Indigenous languages under threat

The Australian Indigenous languages are disappearing at an alarming rate
Long waiting lists for citizenship procedures and visa scheme is a cask cow for the Australian Government. Migration agent Mireille Dewalheyns of Beacon Migration gives us an update.
Jan Rath on the global migrant crisis, from a Dutch perspective...

SBS Language Competition is back!

Australia is ranking last in the world in terms of high school students graduating with a second language. That is a shame. And SBS is doing something about it!

Frans Hertoghs: Stupid Spies.

Can an intelligence officer be intelligent? 
The Nederlands Invictus Games Team had a good look around Sydney because in 2020 it is their turn to be the host country. Frans Warffemius interviewed the chair of the organizing committee, Mart de Kruif.