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Ethnic soccer teams, murky transfer deals and a FIFA ban for Australia.
Han Berger: Football is our Core Business 
Janna Hilbrink explains why the DAHC needs more volunteers

Cryptocurrencies For Cretins

Don't get the whole Bitcoin thing? Blockchain specialist Remko Jacobs explains it all... 
Who is going to win and why?

May I have the month May?

Frans Hertoghs with his May dissection
Just count to 10....
Marc van Dinther explains it all started with his sailing school
Mireille Dewalheyns explains the new requirements
He is now writing a book about an American president
Ereveld Vol Leven remembers the dead in a new way..

Mothers and Poems

Frans Hertoghs about the language of love.
Dutch/Italian soccer specialist Roberto Pennino talks about his new book and about van Marwijk. 
For Dutchies abroad, Kings Day is a Big Day!
The Dutch Cargo Bike, Emmy Heikamp knows all about them