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Dutch 'Bootcamp' for expat kids

Eline Hausel runs a 'bootcamp' for Dutch expat kids in the Netherlands: about the Dutch school rules, Dutch popular music, Dutch foods and Dutch swearwords... 
In this One-On-One conversation with Frans Hertoghs we address his 1000th episode of TaalsTaaltje and where he finds his inspiration for his non-stop language...
Frans Hertoghs sings a Norwegian song and talks about how to hold on to your memories through music. 

Local CFA branch run by Dutchie!

IT manager Marc Dankers thought it was a good idea to join the local fire brigade when he moved from the urbanized Netherlands to the Australian countryside. He...
The fourth part of the enormous research project into what happens to use of the Dutch language by Dutch migrants abroad is facing a modern technology hurdle,...

Census Explorer 2016 - Dutch