Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia but what is the situation in Estonia and what are some of the difficulties that the LGBT community is facing there?

Estonian movie nights in Sydney

Lauri Liblik organises Estonian movie nights in Sydney. How successful have they been and how does he choose the movies?
Australian women will now have five years between tests for cervical cancer, with a national screening program that launched on December 1. The new test will replace pap smears, and is expected to decrease deaths from the disease by at least 20...
Estonia is celebrating it's 100th anniversary with a long string of events. We talked to Jaanus Rohumaa, the Head of the Organising Committee of Estonia 100. What is involved in such extensive celebrations and how can Australian Estonians join in?
November is the month for celebrating St Martin's and St Cahterine's Day. Estonia has a long history and many customs relating to these holidays. What do Australian Estonians remember from their childhood about these days?
A new survey has revealed job exploitation of international students and backpackers in Australia is "endemic and severe." The report, Wage Theft in Australia, is the most comprehensive study of temporary migrants' work and conditions in Australia...

Viva: Working with Millennials

Is there such thing as generational differences in the workplace? The answer varies. Some labour market experts believe the key to surviving and thriving in a multigenerational environment is to focus on the similarities, rather than the differences.
Estonian ID-cards have a security flaw. What should we know and do about it in order to keep using the ID-cards? We talked to Aivar Tsarski, the Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission of the Estonian Embassy in Canberra who is responsible for...

Small business: Nina's Bees

Faced with redundancy, Nina Tverskikh a leap of faith. Rather than continue her sales career, she decided to turn her passion for beekeeping into a business.

Viva: Going vegetarian

More Australians are opting to go meat-free to improve their health or lose weight. In fact, over ten per cent of our population are now vegetarian. According to experts, going vegetarian is actually good for your wellbeing as long as you know...
Anne Ilves is a children's party entertainer, a balloon artist and a face painter. She is approaching her 1000th party soon. What keeps her in the industry, can anyone become an entertainer and what are some of the most unusual requests for face...

Viva: Making a memoir a reality

Everyone has a story. But, have you ever thought about writing it down? For many, it is a cathartic experience. We talk to bestselling author of "Mao's Last Dancer" Li Cun Xin and writing coach Patti Miller about the art of writing your own.
Thousands of newly arrived refugees and migrants rely on community organisations for essential services, including social support and employment opportunities. It's hoped a new website will make it easier to link those organisations with the...
Carmen Saarelaht lives in Melbourne and has written over 100 plays. What kind of tools does she use for it and how does she feel about seeing her plays on the stage?

Australian Young Rich List

Australia's richest young people are getting richer, with the top 100 together worth a staggering 13.2 billion dollars. So what do you need to do to get on that list?