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Segundo Boyet Vasquez playing his guitar (Supplied by S.B. Vasquez)

Rough and heavy conditions of the sea is nothing compared to the happiness while entertaining guests as he plays his classical guitar. Image: Segundo Boyet Vasquez with his guitar (Supplied by S.B. Vasquez)

Annalyn Violata
Published on
Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 14:01
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Professionally Segundo Boyet Vasques travels the world cruising as a classical guitarist, and during vacations, he would perform on the side in some invitational events and gatherings.


He grew up in a family of classical musician in Cagayan de Oro, introduced to classical world of music in an early age, that he grew to love it and studied guitar and voice after graduating from a marine engineering course.


He is visiting Canberra this March for some performances arranged by an Australian couple - Michael and Julie Szabo - whom he met in one of his cruises.