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Latest news from Western Australia.Cyclone Joyce fails to intensify off WA coast; January deluge smashes Perth rain records; Alert downgraded for Perth bushfire; No Australia Day aerial show in WA after deaths; State to rewrite outdated laws on...
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New research has painted a grim picture of the future of education affordability, with the Australian Scholarship Group (ASG)estimating parents will spend around half a million dollars educating each child born in 2018.
The data has been called into question by some, but families are reporting that financial stress is forcing them to rethink where they send their children to school.
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It's a mental fog that's familiar to many expectant mothers during pregnancy.
Now, Australian scientists have found that the "baby brain" phenomenon appears to be very real. A collation of studies of pregnant women reveals they become more prone to forgetfulness as delivery day approaches.
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The Greens say they're throwing their support behind the campaign to change the date of Australia Day.
Greens councillors across the country, who are launching local campaigns to move the date from January 26th have been told they can count on the full support the national Greens party.
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My Australia: Linda Burney

New South Wales Indigenous MP Linda Burney says Australia Day simply is not a day that unifies all Australians.
In the lead-up to the day, we're sharing the stories of prominent Australians and asking what Australian identity means to them today.
Turkey has reacted angrily to the announcement of a United States border force in Syria, incorporating Kurdish fighters.Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses the U-S of trying to create what he's calling a "terror army", and is vowing to...

News Bulletin 17 Jan

Headlines this morning Universities say the government's freeze on funding is bad news for young AustraliansAustralian Federal Police issued 20 arrest warrants for Australian JihadistsPresident Duterte threatened plunder case against oligarchy...

Online stores, a better way to shop?

Filipinos are naturally giving.During occasions, wherever situated in the world, Filipinos try their best to make their loved ones feel important.But, not everyone has all the time to shop because of the busy lifestyle.With the new technologies...

2017 Climate Statement

When it comes to the weather, Australia continued to make it into the record books over the past year.From record temperatures to rainfall, 2017 saw it all according to the Bureau of Meteorology's Annual Climate Statement.
Palliative care workers say a lack of funding and support is severely impacting services for terminally-ill patients.The federal government is being urged to make palliative care a national health priority.
Australia is more culturally diverse than ever before. The latest Census shows nearly half of the population was either born overseas or have a parent born overseas.In 2016, there were over 300 separately identified languages spoken in Australian...
Balitang Bisaya: About 300 houses were destroyed in another blaze in Cebu City, raised to general alarm (the highest fire alarm), few days ahead of the Sinulog festivities. Damage caused by the fire is estimated at P3 million.Other news relating...
"It is a great opportunity for our players to improve in the game, though we didn't win."
So says Ping Bautista, president of the Philippine Flying Disc Association on their second time in the international competition of Frisbee - the World Ultimate U24 World Championships held in Perth, Western Australia.