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The tension between Australia and China increases with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull focusing the new anti-espionage laws on China.China reverts and accuses Australian media of creating ‘paranoid’ and ‘racist’ reporting against them.  
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Liberal M-P's have backed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's comments over foreign interference in Australian politics. Image: Labor Senator Sam Dastyari leaves after Question Time in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra
They also say it's likely Australia hasn't heard the end of the saga surrounding a Labor senator's involvement with Chinese donors. Samantha Beniac-Brooks reports.
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News from Visayas

Latest news from Visayas as reported by Nick Melgar.
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An annual survey of teenagers in Australia finds mental health is the biggest issue confronting them.
More than 24,000 participated in the Mission Australia charity's latest survey, now in its 16th year. The organisation says much more needs to be done to destigmatise mental illness. Marese O' Sullivan reports.
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10am news in Filipino

10 am News Bulletin in Filipino 12 December 2017, Tuesday
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The number of patients with private health cover accessing the public health system has increased dramatically over the past 10 years.
As Sarah Abo and Aileen Phillips reports, health analysts are warning it is exacerbating waiting-list times and increasing the disparity between patients.
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UN Humanitarian Groups asks Malcolm Turnbull to transfer refugees and asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru

10am News in Filipino

10 am News Bulletin in Filipino 11 December 2017, Monday
News from Queensland as reported by Celeste Macintosh: Queensland Premier reveals new Cabinet; Sunshine and Gold Coast begins massive storm cleanup; and Uber to increase fares in QLD
Typically, tourists often visit places that are already known to most, but for one Aussie, he travelled to the Philippines to feed his adventurous being.
Exploring parts of Asia, Brendan of B Adventures Travel Vlogs has flown several times to some of the less popular places in the Philippines. And if you love adventure like him, here are the top places in the Philippines he thinks you should try g...
Finding job in Australia is not that easy.
In the survey conducted by AMES Australia, it came out that a lack of local work experience, a foreign sounding name and English language proficiency are some of the barriers to finding work. Here's an interview with Laurie Nowell of AMES Austral...
Cash-only companies are the focus of the Australian Tax Office's latest efforts to counter the 'black economy'.
The ATO is examining cash-only businesses across the country in a bid to clamp down on black economy dealings.
E-commerce giant Amazon has launched in Australia, ending months of speculation around the timing of its opening to Australian customers. 
Amazon had already been selling Kindle e-reader devices, audio books and content from its Australian website. But as this report, the company has kicked into full gear, offering its own products and items sold by small local retailers.
The world's largest lithium ion battery promised by Tesla boss Elon Musk has been switched on in South Australia.
The battery is designed to ensure a constant power supply to the state during extreme weather events.

SMS turns 25

It's been 25 years since the world's first text message was successfully sent. 
And while many of us couldn't imagine a world without text messaging today, the man who sent the first ever text says he had no idea his one message would revolutionise the world.