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When a childhood passion finds a way to chase you, what do you do? Do you follow through or just totally ignore it?
For newcomer singer Samantha Llorando, it's the former. After leaving the Philippines and migrated to Australia when she was nine, her singing took a halt. And it's only four years ago that her passion for music was rekindled when Filipino-Americ...
Oh how exciting to see the Easter bunnies, eat some buns and kids off to Easter egg-hunt! But what can one reflect upon on this Easter Sunday while we all have fun?
Westmead Hospital Chaplaincy's Fr Meng Barawid reflects on the essence of faith instilled in an individual - that one's faith is one's strength.  Mother of two, Rocky Antonio shares how her family looks forward to Easter Sunday's egg-hunting acti...
While many of our world leaders are still debating what action to take to better address the changing climate, candidates of the Little Miss Teen Earth Australia advocate on helping save planet Earth.
From simple recycling to reducing wastes to eliminating plastics to caring for the natural forest and saving the marine life these kids are clear on how they will be helping protect the environment and Mother Earth....
The Greens have announced a $50 million plan to increase the ability of migrants and new arrivals to Australia to access English language support.Central to the plan is a bid to reform the Adult Migrant English ...
Yearly, it has been a tradition for devotees in Pampanga to participate in the crucifixion reenactment and other forms of penitence during Holy Week.
Ruben Enaje has been participating in the crucifixion reenactment for 33 years in Barangay San Pedro Cutud, San Fernando, Pampanga. Preparations for Mr Enaje's crucifixion are meticulously prepared including the nails that has been soaked in alco...
With Filipinos adapting to a diverse culture in Australia, have 'Holy Week' lost its meaning?
Holy Week is a significant religious observance that is widely practiced in the Philippines and by most Filipinos as part of tradition. It is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter observed with special solemnity as a time of devotion to the Pas...

Election 2019: Day 8 campaign wrap

Labor is facing criticism from both the Coalition and the Greens over its climate change policies.The Coalition argues Labor's approach will be too costly while the Greens say it would slow down a transition to renewables.
France's President has vowed to restore the Notre-Dame Cathedral in just five years’ time.
The pledge was made in a televised address - as investigations begin into the Paris cathedral fire that shook the nation.  
The Federal Government has announced that Adelaide will be the home base of SmartSat Cooperative Centre, which will be used in the research of intelligent satellite systems, analytics and design.
In other South Australia news, police fined on the death of an employee in a walk-in freezer; An ISIS Adelaide woman sentenced to prison; Adelaide Hills hit by bushfire; Man smuggling live fish charged; Spitting on police now a crime
A new report has found an overwhelming number of young Australians are concerned about climate change.
They are the generation who will suffer the effects of climate change and are deeply disappointed by inaction. They also have a high level of distrust in politicians.  
The Australian Government will spend AUD$8 million to support a project that aims to protect Filipino youth from forms of online abuse, including sexual acts.
The Australian Embassy in the Philippines has launched a partnership with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and two NGOs-Save The Children Philippines and The Asia Foundation to help build a safer...
The Australian Labor Party is Australia's oldest party in one of the world's oldest continuous democracies.
One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation. The trade union movement continues to be a major influence over its policies and personnel.
Despite a high rate of flu cases already this year, new research shows the majority of Australians aren’t planning to get a flu shot and only 10 per cent think children should get the jab.
Experts say the results are worrying, with children and the elderly most at risk of contracting the illness.

Election 2019: Day 7 campaign wrap

Debate over superannuation and tax cuts has dominated the day's election campaigning, with Bill Shorten admitting he should have been clearer about Labor's superannuation policy. 
Prime Minister Scott Morrison's labelled the admission as either 'dishonest, sneaky or clueless'.