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Take a minute to let this sink in : there is a world championship of hide-and-seek. No kidding. Not only that, France has won the competition, which happened last weekend, in a small Italian ghost town, Consonno.
Audrey Bourget

7 Sep 2016 - 11:43 AM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2016 - 3:45 PM

The Nascondino World Championship (nascondino means hide-and-seek in Italian) brought together 320 players for its 7th edition.

How to play?

Players are divided in 64 teams of 5 people. A team has one minute to hide. Its members then have 10 minutes to come out of hiding and reach a mattress in the middle of a field without being caught by the other teams, the "catchers".

The more members of a team reach the mattress, the more points for the team.

The best players must be fast, but also very patient and strategical so they don't get caught.

The French tactic

A members of the Sneaky Frenchy team explained to Franceinfo that their tactic was to wait for the right moment, when the catchers are not looking to run to the mattress.

It seemed to have worked well for them since they won the championship. Another team from France also finished third.

The Euro title might have slipped away from France, but the country can now comfort itself knowing it is the best at hide-and-seek.

Olympic discipline ?

You might not take hide-and-seek seriously, but you should know that a Japanese university professor is campaigning ardently for the sport to be featured at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Source: Mashable

Hide-and-seek at the Olympics? Maybe.
A graduate of Nippon Sport Science University, Professor Yasuo Hazaki has been pushing to introduce competitive hide-and-seek as a demonstration sport for the Tokyo Olympics. In a few days Consonno, in the North of Italy, will host the 7th edition of the Hide-and-Seek World Championship. Enrolments are open!