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René Redzepi and Beau Clugston (Max Veenhuyzen)

After spending several years working as a sous-chef at Noma, repeatedly been ranked the best restaurant in the world, Australian chef Beau Clugston is now doing his own thing in Paris.

Audrey Bourget
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Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 16:08
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"Everything I've learnt to this day has built this moment. Now, I have my own place, I can create what I want to create, there’s no limitation,"  Beau Clugston told SBS French about Le 6 Paul Bert, the restaurant he co-owns in Paris.

An outsider view of Parisian food

Located in the very trendy 11th arrondissement, Le 6 Paul Bert is a modern 35-seat bistro serving a six-course tasting menu and bar snacks.

"It’s an outsider view of Parisian food," explains Beau, who enjoys working with local ingredients, whether it’s vegetables from his garden or dairy from Normandy.

He sees Paris as the Mecca of cuisine.

"Everyone has an opinion in Paris, all the guests coming here, they say what they want," the Australian laughs. "It keeps you on your toes.”

Another Noma alumnus works with Beau at Le 6 Paul Bert, Swedish chef Emil Glaser. Together they create dishes like curdled cream with raw and cooked mushrooms and preserved cherries and black olive sorbet.

The Noma influence

Customers of Le 6 Paul Bert  are curious to try the cuisine of the Australian chef who used to work at two-Michel star Noma, currently rated fifth best restaurant in the world.

“Noma taught me how to really taste, how to really look at food with a different perspective. I owe a lot to Noma.”

When Noma moved to Sydney for a pop-up at the beginning of the year, Beau traveled the country with chef René Redzepi to research the new menu, an experience he says is one of the highlight of his life.

Even if he left the Copenhagen restaurant, Beau remains close to René; the Danish chef came to visit before the opening a few weeks ago to wish him good luck.

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A long way from Sawtell

Originally from Sawtell, New South Wales, Beau first started working in restaurants so he’d be able to surf all day.

But food quickly because his main passion, taking him in restaurants all over the world for over ten years. Even though he misses Australia, he says he’s not quite ready to come home yet…

Listen to Beau Clugston's full interview (in English) with SBS French at the top of the page.

Below, a clip from 'Noma Australia' which aired on Australia earlier this year followed the Noma team throughout their journey of bringing the Danish restaurant downunder. 


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