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Dr. Franziska Rubin (m) mit Freunden (L.Loesche)

Stress, hectic, high performance demands in everyday life and job, teeth grinding, snoring - the list of causes that can hinder us on a restful night, is endless.

Katharina Loesche
Published on
Friday, May 18, 2018 - 14:36
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Dr. Franziska Rubin knows how to handle those “sleep robbers” successfully. In her new book "My gentle medicine for a good night's sleep" she gives latest research and provides practical tips for a restful night. With our Queensland correspondent Katharina Loesche, the well-known TV doctor and author of several health bestsellers talks about sleep disorders that affect young and old alike.

Dr. med. Franziska Rubin was for more than 17 years the face of a German TV-health show and currently lives with her family in Brisbane.