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Abenteuer Lesen

Abenteuer Lesen (Reading Adventure) is a podcast in German about extraordinary and educational books for children. Broadcaster and author Adrian Plitzco and cognitive therapist Eva Murer discuss the books that make a difference in your child's life. The books that parents will want to read over and over again.

For people who don't want to waste the warm weather by staying inside, the Moonlight Cinema in Melbourne is just the right thing to do. Surrounded by the beautiful...
Sebastian Kayser was born in 1975 and grew up in the former GDR. As a child he identified two pathways to ever seeing the West before hitting 65: Trying to find...

Don't loose your German

Members of the "Qu Qu Club", run by the Australian-German Welfare Society Melbourne, meet regularly in order to cultivate their mother language: German. 
250 unlucky passengers and crew were stuck on a grounded plane for 16 hours over the weekend in Canada. Their flight from Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong was...

Episode 110