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Newly added
Das ist der Titel von Barbara Barkhausens 11. Buch. Es ist eine Art literarischer Reiseführer, in dem man das Land, seine Kuriositäten und Gegensätze und seine...
Newly added
Dr Walter Uhlenbruch is under no illusion that the days of the combustion engine, with a driver at the helm of his own private car, are numbered. But does this...

Reading Adventure: Sleep well!

A magic moment: "Reading a story to your child before it goes to sleep."
Birgit Rainbird, a Brisbane based German-born, served as one of 15,000 volunteers during the Commonwealth Games, a colorful event she really enjoyed.
Girls being rascals are hard to find in children's literature. World famous writer Astrid Lindgren has given a voice to Pippi Longstocking but did anyone else...
Noir Hear This
Lands on the 28th of March


Go beneath the ice.


A new eight part podcast that delves deep into the Scandinavian crime genre, Nordic Noir.