Social Media dangers

Too much social media can have negative effects on teens. SBS Brisbane Correspondent Katharina Loesche and online engagement expert Sarah Smart explore some of the potential negative side effects of the internet.

The Syndicate

Founded in 1986, the group now consists of more than 750 crime writers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We hear from two of them, Sandra Luepkes and Kerstin Puettjer. Sandra has already published 15 books and Kerstin 3, both also write...

Payment by ring

Sydneysiders love their outdoor lifestyle. Where do you leave your purse when you are surfing or swimming? Now you can leave it at home. The coffee or the cool drink will be paid in the future by ring.

An afternoon of crime

Ingrid Davis is a German author of crime stories. She will read out of her book "Vergeben und Vergessen" on Saturday, the 24th of February, 1.30pm at the Goethe Institut in Melbourne.

Reading Adventure: To be different

To be different is in most cases not easy, especially for children. It is important to them to identify themselves with other children. What it means to be different and how you can cope are the two topics of the two wonderful books we are reading...
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Use your head!

How do a ping-pong table, a head and a ball go together? Obviously in a new sport.
The concept is head tennis, or Headis, as dubbed by inventor René Wegner. It involves squatting, hands planted on the table, and using the head to whip, spin and slam the ball back and forth across the net.
WA´s State Government aims to make amendments to the Liquor Control Act, which would ban liquor outlets of a certain size from opening within a specific radius of each other.

Hope for spinal patients

Dr Sylvia Gustin from Neuroscience Research Australia has found that half of all patients suffering from major spinal cord injuries still have surviving sensory nerve connections.
Dr Gustin tells Wolfgang Mueller that the discovery offers cautious new hope to patients who may have been told they will never walk again.

Understanding Wagner in 3 easy steps

Join me, it was a big night out, seeing Richard Wagner's "Tristan and Isolde". I was lucky to be in good company of true connoisseurs of the German composer helping me sitting through and appreciating the world's most difficult opera.
The connoisseurs: Oliver Heuthe, Hans Henkell, Michael Flemming and Greg Hocking The production: Tristan and Isolde, by Richard Wagner The venue: Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton The production company: Melbourne Opera
The Swiss tennis star stuns the world by reaching the top position once again, at the age of 36 years.
Daniela and Olaf Bock fell in love with Australian wine during their 10th visit down under. SBS correspondent Daniel Salg visited the couple in Nuremberg.

Allure of Cruising

The allure of cruising is no mystery. You unpack once, you see the world, and everything from meals to entertainment, day tours to tipping - is all taken care of for you

Social Media Secrets

In today's market, social media is a highly effective way to grow your business, attract new clients and create raving fans. Unfortunately a lot of small businesses are not using social media very well

National Multicultural Festival

One of the biggest weekends on the Canberra calendar, The National Multicultural Festival, is on this weekend.
For the 22nd time, this colourful event will bring one of Australia’s  most diverse celebrations to the heart of the national capital.  The National Multicultural Festival is all about free family-friendly fun .  Among the highlights are an excit...