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Giving our organisms the chance to detox from a number of contaminants comes with a lot of benefits, but also needs to be done with care. In this week's episode we speak to someone who recently underwent a detox.

Reading Adventure preview

Abenteuer Lesen (Reading Adventure) is a podcast in German about extraordinary and educational books for children.  Broadcaster and author Adrian Plitzco and cognitive therapist Eva Murer discuss the books that make a difference in...
Eva Murer is a cognitive therapist, the principal of the German school „Geckos“ in Melbourne, has two children and is a passionate reader. Adrian Plitzco is a radio host and producer, audio book producer and author.\ Producer: Adrian Plitzco Pres...

Traditional Indigenous healing

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people alike are finding relief from their ailments from a practice that has been around for over 60,000 years. Indigenous healers, or Ngangkari, are travelling in clinics across the country to help people with...

Picky Eaters

Koala genome project reveals secrets about its toxic diet.
An Australian-led team of scientists has sequenced the complete koala genome which contains more than 26,000 genes, including a number of novel genes related to their diet and immune system.
Every keen reader has heard about it: mythology in children’s literature is cool reading stuff. A great way to enjoy these books even more is to learn about the gods from all possible cultural areas.
For more please go to the German page.

WM Talk with SBS German - Day 29

Argentinian Néstor Pitana will be the referee for the final match of this World Cup; in the meantime, England and Belgium prepare for the fight over third place - however England is heavily on the back foot due to several injuries.

"Middle Aged Men In Lycra"

Road cycling is one of the biggest trends in 2018, and especially the numbers of cyclists in the group of 40-60 year olds increases annually.
Our SBS correspondent Katharina Loesche got in touch with Dr. Jörg Rhau, orthopaedic surgeon in Brisbane and a passionate cyclist to literally talk about the "new movement" and also highlighting the dangers of cycling.
Since October 2017 same-sex couples are allowed to marry in Germany. Annemarie Kuhlmann and Simone Schrunz have once again gone to the registry office to register their partnership as a marriage. We talked about the legal differences to the...

Pink is the world's oldest colour

International research led by the Australian National University has resulted in the discovery of the world’s oldest biological colour  – and it’s pink.
The  1.1-billion-year-old colour dates back to a time before plants, animals or humans appeared on our planet. German-born Professor Jochen Brocks, an earth scientist at ANU, tells Wolfgang Mueller that the colour was extracted from rocks that we...

The mysterious „Marree Man“

In the middle of the lonely outback hides a huge work of art that can only be seen from the air: the "Marree Man", which an unknown artist carved into the red earth 20 years ago. Now an Australian wants to solve the biggest puzzle of the Outback...

WM Talk with SBS German - Day 27

Belgium's "golden generation" loses to France after a goal in the 51st minute - the dominant French team has consequently advanced to the finals and will face the winner of the coming match England versus Croatia.

Wellbeing now. In good shape

Food is essential in order to stay healthy. However it's often tough to stick to a balanced diet. What are the tricks to be in good shape?