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Casual workers will formally be able to ask their employers for part-time or full-time work under newly proposed legislation. The Federal Government says it hopes the move will provide more certainty in the workforce.
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Ahead of this year´s Christmas holidays, Pamela Rauleder asks music teacher Ana Grayson how we can keep a traditional Christmas spirit alive while enjoying the Australian summer to the fullest.
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The year that was - January

2018 was a year packed with big emotions. It kicked off in January with triumphs and tragedies. Thees Jagels looks back as part of our SBS German end-of-year-review.
The myth of the free postcard service has been present for decades. We asked the Australian and German Post whether the myth is real.

Episode 104

Meet the German family in Veitshöchheim near Würzburg which has transformed their modest home into a glittering Christmas castle, complete with 50,000 (!) lights. SBS correspondent Daniel Salg has more.
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Earlier this year, Manuel Zube (25) and Julius Werner (28) from Kiel traveled across Australia for two months. What made this trip so special was the fact that Manuel has Down’s syndrome - and Julius is his best friend.
A German crew filmed their epic journey, the result of which can now be seen in a very special documentary. For a preview, head to this TRAILER  
The document, drafted after the Second World War, set out for the first time the basic rights and fundamental freedoms to which all human beings are entitled.
English text not available. Please go to the German page.

Singing makes happy

Choir singing makes you happy! It promotes the immune system and makes you strong, because it is almost impossible to feel fear when you sing with your head held high.
Queensland correspondent Katharina Loesche has listened to the oldest German choir in Queensland, founded in1835. The “Liederkranz/ Liedertafel” choir rehearses once a week in the German Club in East Brisbane.
This is the first part of our new series about stories from the NSW State Library. Louise Anemaat is the director of the library and information services at the prestigious institution, where many documents relating to our Australian history is...
Louise Anemaat: Executive Director, Library and Information Services and Dixson Librarian
Will there be something like another "Schumacher boom" in Germany next year? The news that Mick Schumacher, the son of 7 times record world champion Michael Schumacher, will start in the "FIA Formula 2 Championship" next season, sparked great...
This week, Santa Claus and his off-sider Ruprecht visited Families throughout many European countries.
In Austria and other Alpine nations, the ancient Krampus tradition is still popular. Karl Hartleb, Consul General of Austria, explains what the horned, the demon-like half-goat of folklore is all about.
Barbara Barkhausen speaks to Germans in Australia about the custom of Nikolausday and if they celebrate it here in Australia.
On the 6th of December children in Germany celebrate the Nikolaus Day. Why they place their shoes outside their doors on the evening before – we have the answer.
Mischa Mueller from Switzerland is an expert in 3D Bioprinting. The technology, he says, is advancing with such speed that hospitals will soon be able to print skin, bones, muscles, maybe even organs such as livers and hearts.
We invited the CSIRO scientist to tell us more about his fascinating work and its many implications.