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The German WW II drama Downfall (Der Untergang) is once again being shown on Australian television screens. The film, with Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler, deserves our attention - and remains as relevant today as it was in 2004.

Episode 136


Recycling: yes and how?

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Jennifer Goletz comes from Recklinghausen near Dortmund and SBS German is her first overseas internship. To find out more, listen to a studio talk with the 20-year-old business administration student who can't wait to learn and apply her skills at...
Germany is among  the ten most visited countries in the world.
According to surveys, the top reasons for tourists to come to Germany, are German culture, outdoor activities, beautiful countryside, and the German cities. Nadja Warner represents German Tourism in Australia. She tells Wolfgang Mueller what new ...
When the mother of Ivonne Ranisch was told  by East German hospital authorities that her young son Christoph  had suddenly died, she found it hard to believe.
"We were not a very conforming family, my parents were running their own business, which was something that was not looked upon very well," says Ivonne Ranish,  that's why my mother believed that taking her son away from her was some sort of evil...
Maren Dammann has been living with her family in Australia for thirteen years now.  Her passion is writing - and her horses. With her new youth novel "Marwani", which was published this week, she has been able to combine both.
She talks to SBS correspondent Katharina Loesche about her development and experiences as a writer.

Humpback Highway

Each year, from May to November, more than 30,000 whales make their way along the Humpback Highway, a migration route from Antarctica to the Pacific that runs along the coast of NSW.
Jonas Liebschner has been watching the magnificent animals from a boat for more than ten years.

Episode 135

Gregor Ebert is a German immunologist in Melbourne. We caught up with the passionate scientist to find out what makes him tick and why his research could one day help millions of people around the world overcome viral infections - such as...

Desperate Farmers

Farmers in drought stricken NSW are trying to make ends meet.
Trudi Latour and Barbara Barkhausen discuss the plight of people living on the land.

A rare opportunity

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Von der Leyen narrowly elected

Germany's Ursula von der Leyen has been narrowly elected president of the EU Commission following a secret ballot among MEPs
The centre-right defence minister will replace Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on 1 November. Dieter Herrman, editor of Australia's only German language paper has met von der Leyen twice. He says he's happy that a women got the European ...
Whatever your situation, and however you’re feeling about it, it is important to know that breast cancer has a high survival rate, especially when found and treated early.
Doris Mounsey tells Pamela Rauleder how breast cancer changed her life.