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Opening Success

After Sydney and Canberra, the German Film Festival comes to Melbourne tonight.
The opening thriller ‘Balloon’ is already a hit with audiences. It’s the true story of two ordinary families’ extraordinary escape from East to West Germany in a homemade hot air balloon – and ‘Mack the Knife’ – Brecht’s Threepenny Opera is set t...
Rupert Neudeck was a German humanitarian who saved more than 10,000 Vietnamese boat people. The German Lutheran Church in Melbourne is honouring him with a special event on Sunday 26 May - in conjunction with the local Vietnamese community. For...

German Films

The German Film Festival has opened with the highly anticipated cold-war thriller 'Balloon'.
Among the many guests at the opening night at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington was Andrea Schiefer from German Films. She tells Wolfgang Mueller that she is delighted to see so many German film productions at the festival.

European Union Birthday

The European Union, the world’s largest political and economic bloc, celebrated its birthday on May 9
However, the celebrations are somewhat bittersweet given the unprecedented challenges in the EU is facing. The rise of populism and anti-EU feeling throughout its own citizens, military conflict in the Middle East and Eastern Europe as well as Br...

Niki Lauda

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Episode 127


Politics: scandals and surprises

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A nasty stork

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Today: Antje Taylor.Antje was born and raised in Germany. She emigrated to Australia over 10 years ago and now lives in Brisbane with her husband Craig and their two young children, Lars and Pip. Antje works as a management consultant. She enjoys...
The idea of "Friends Don't Like Roaring" came to her as she watched her son in the playground. He did not know how to talk to other children and interact with them, so he roared at them. After telling Lars a story about a roaring dinosaur, Antje...
Australian Kate Miller-Heidke prevailed in the first semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest and is allowed to compete in the final in Tel Aviv on Saturday Israeli local time. Germany is sending the Duo Sisters into the race this year and is...

The election campaign in review

Saturday is decision day for Australian voters. Dieter Herrmann, editor of Australia's only German language newspaper, 'Die Woche', and Wolfgang Mueller look back over the long election campaign.

In conversation: Kino for Kids

The screening of German films for children and adolescents has been an integral part of the German Film Festival and the cultural programs of the Goethe Institute for many years. We talk to Marina Shine, who knows the area best, and is also...
Das German Film Festival läuft vom 25.5. bis zum 9.6. in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth und Sydney. Im Kino for Kids laufen:
For those who like to travel and don’t mind having a unique selling point in their CV, there is something in the academic world which has not yet really caught the attention of the general public: A Joint PhD.
But what is the Joint PhD and how does it work? In a bid to find out more, SBS reporter Valerie Becker spoke to Dr Susanne Seibt, the first Joint PhD holder from the University of Melbourne and Universität Bayreuth. 

Zierholz Brewery

This brewery was started by Christoph Zierholz who came from a home brewing background, where he had already won the National Home Brew Championship for two years in a row.
Christoph tells Wolfgang Mueller that his father was missing his customary Weizen beer from Southern Germany. So, Christoph decided to make it himself. Now, a lot of people like his craft beer.