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"Are we in the West now?"

Behind the simple film title "Balloon" hides the daring story of two families who venture to escape from the GDR to the West: On the 16 September 1979 Peter Strelzyk and Guenther Wetzel lift off with their families in a self-constructed hot...
The award-winning film by Michael Bully Herbig is the opening film of the German Film Festival in Australia. After Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, the German community in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane can now look forward to this drama next week.
The death of Niki Lauda overshadows the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco. The grief and sympathy is great worldwide and the otherwise glamorous racing culture in Monaco will take a back seat this time around. Jens Hoffmeister honors the racing...

Water restrictions loom for Sydney

Water restrictions will be introduced in Sydney if drought conditions don't ease in the next three months, according a report on dwindling dam levels in New South Wales.
28 years without recession: Australia is one of the most successful economies in the world. But while other states often squint enviously at the Pacific state, some cracks have crept into the perfect façade. However, a new mini-mining boom is also...

The "Vote Tony out" campaign

 A few months before the general election, we spoke to Ann-Charlott Paduch, a German emigrant who was involved in the "Vote Tony out" campaign. Now, the rebels in Sydney have succeeded in replacing former Prime Minister Tony Abbott with Zali...
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Journey through Australia's Outback

4-wheel-driving is not for the faint hearted but Sydney doctor  Tilmann Rust took his whole family with him on a trip through the Australian outback.

Opening Success

After Sydney and Canberra, the German Film Festival comes to Melbourne tonight.
The opening thriller ‘Balloon’ is already a hit with audiences. It’s the true story of two ordinary families’ extraordinary escape from East to West Germany in a homemade hot air balloon – and ‘Mack the Knife’ – Brecht’s Threepenny Opera is set t...
Rupert Neudeck was a German humanitarian who saved more than 10,000 Vietnamese boat people. The German Lutheran Church in Melbourne is honouring him with a special event on Sunday 26 May - in conjunction with the local Vietnamese community. For...

German Films

The German Film Festival has opened with the highly anticipated cold-war thriller 'Balloon'.
Among the many guests at the opening night at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington was Andrea Schiefer from German Films. She tells Wolfgang Mueller that she is delighted to see so many German film productions at the festival.

European Union Birthday

The European Union, the world’s largest political and economic bloc, celebrated its birthday on May 9
However, the celebrations are somewhat bittersweet given the unprecedented challenges in the EU is facing. The rise of populism and anti-EU feeling throughout its own citizens, military conflict in the Middle East and Eastern Europe as well as Br...

Niki Lauda

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Episode 127


Politics: scandals and surprises

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A nasty stork

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