Lida Protopsalti is back on a film set after 66 years, starring in ‘Roza of Smyrna.’ (Supplied)

Celebrated theatre actress Leda Protopsalti says to SBS Greek that 'Roza of Smyrna' film highlights the human nature. It's an everyday life adventure that we all go through. 


Panos Apostolou
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 15:34
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The legendary actress Leda Protopsalti is the protagonist in Greek filmmaker George Kordellas's film 'Roza of Smyrna'. A film about the romantic drama has earnt acclaim as the Greco-Turkish Romeo and Juliet and features the first cinematic starring role of celebrated theatre actress Lida Protopsalti in her 66-year career. 

'Roza of Smyrna' is an incredible film exploring the intricacies of romance, while delivering crucial commentary on turbulent Greek-Turkish relations in the twentieth century. 

Based on Yiannis Yiannelis-Theodosiadis novel Ismail and Roza, the film follows an art collector as he unravels a story of star-crossed lovers from almost a century ago, with no leads except an old photograph, a bloodstained wedding dress, and a letter sewn into its hem.