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From Melbourne's Ithaca House 60th Anniversary event (October 2018) (SBS Greek )

The Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne celebrated the 60th anniversary of Ithaca House. Members of the historical community organization talks to SBS Greek

Panos Apostolou
Published on
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 17:57
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A special place that the Ithacans of Melbourne and Victoria come to love and know as the Ithacan Club, a home away from home for many of IPS members that left their magical island of Ithaca. 

Five wonderful Ithacans went as guarantors in the 50’s, to the tune of 5000 pounds each, to start the process of building Ithaca House (which now is heritage listed). This was the cost of a house for each person. 

The Ithacan Philanthropic Society "The Ulysses" was established in 1916. Forty years later, in 1956, the organization decided to purchase two adjacent buildings situated at 329 Elizabeth Street in Melbourne, whereby a new building was erected on this site.

By 1958 the new building was completed, consisting of three floors, the second being double the normal ceiling height, meaning that yet another floor could be added if required. 

A number of companies tenanted the ground floor, with the current tenant having been there for over 35 years.

First and second floors were occupied by a variety of tenants over the years.

The top floor was occupied by a reception hall, and the first floor for a number of years was tenanted by a Japanese club. Both floors were also used for our Ithacan club room requirements.

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