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After the Greek financial crisis, a new wave of Hellenic migration (Creative Commons)

In the wake of the financial crisis that struck Greece in 2010, a new wave of immigrants left the country. In this second episode of Many Voices, One Heart, we visit the Netherlands and Sweden, two of the European countries that became a new home for thousands of Greeks. 

Odysseas Kripotos
Presented by
Odysseas Kripotos
Published on
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 11:55
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18 min 6 sec


Pavlos Kerasavvopoulos, President of Federation of Greek Communities in the Netherlands.

Dimitrios Karkamanis,  Political Scientist & Economist based in Sweden.


Producer: Odysseas Kripotos

Interviews: Emma Papaemanouel & Stergos Kastelloriou

Technical Production: Qazim Menxhiqi