‘Roza of Smyrna:’, on the Greek Film Festival 2017 (Supplied)

The enigmatic old woman Rosa from Izmir and the powerful Ismael live for decades with the weight of a well-kept secret. 

An avid collector of Greek objects in Asia Minor, Dimitris, prepares an exhibition in a renowned museum in Athens on Culture of Nationalities who cohabited in Izmir before the Great Catastrophe of 1922. 

An old photograph, a wedding dress soiled with blood and a letter become the reason to retract their story from the past.

The movie director, George Kordellas, talks to Panos Apostolou and Alexandros Logothetis.

Panos Apostolou
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Alexandros Logothetis
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 19:33
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