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Alexis Tsipras met with the Archbishop of Athens and the whole of Greece, Ieronymos on Thursday night, briefing him regarding the ongoing negotiations about the naming...
Many believe that building a house is a man's job. Female Construction, however, or FemCon, is breaking the stereotypes. The owner of the company and licensed...
Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) returned to the United Nations on Wednesday, seeking to end a dispute that has raged for 27 years...
Another match, another heckler in the crowd causing problems for Nick Kyrgios.
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has labelled sugar a “killer” that must be taxed in a bid to stop the nation’s ballooning obesity crisis. 

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Prominent Greek songwriter, musician and stand-up comedian Tzimis Panousis has died at the age of 64 from a heart attack. 
While the eyes will be on the big names of Tennis in The Australian Open, Greek-Australians are expected to support some of “their own”, in the first Grand Slam...
Greek Cypriot Mimis Sophocleous was a Professor of the Greek Language Department of RMIT University in Melbourne. He now resides in Limassol, Cyprus. He still...
Ariadne-Paraskevi Spanakis and Myrto Papadopoulou are the Golden Champions of the World Sailing Championship in the 420 categories and the category of young aged...
Blessing of water in Sydney: Epiphany 2018