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The Trumps and Turnbulls retreated to the Oval Office soon after arriving at the White House.

Barnaby Joyce resigns

Embattled leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce announced his resigmation today as leader of the National Party and deputy PM.Dina Gerolymou and Themis Kallos...
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says school curriculums should be changed to enable a rejuvenated civics effort" with school-aged children.
Albania and Serbia sit to the north of Greece. Throughout history, Greece has developed strong connections with both countries.Because of several restrictions...
Barnaby Joyce says he will not run away from a fight, amid growing speculation about a potential Nationals leadership challenge

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Our Own Maria Callas will screen as part of the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney.
The first day of the Great 40 day fasting period for the Greek Orthodox Christians is Clean Monday. Also known as "ta koulouma" (τα Κούλουμα), it has the same...
Greek singer Giannis Charoulis, who is visiting Australia, for a series of appearances spoke with Themis Kalos.
Peter Jasonides, President of the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria talks on SBS Greek for the decisions of pan-community organisations of the...

How the visa changes affect you

Several visa changes are expected to be implemented in 2018.