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Trump sides with Putin

Donald Trump has been condemned for siding with Russia in its denials of interference in the 2016 United States election campaign.Speaking after the Finland summit with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the United States President contradicted...
Newly added
A lecture about the Byzantium and the emergence of Muslim-Turkish Anatolia will be presented by Dean Kalymniou on Thursday 19 July 2018 at Melbourne's Greek Centre. Dean Kalymniou talks to SBS Greek. 
According to Kalymniou, contrary to popular Greek conception, the Turkic penetration into Asia Minor predated the fall of Constantinople and was a slow and lengthy process. This lecture examines the socio-political and ethnocultural realities...
Australian Greek-Cypriot Stephanie Jacobs explores the ethnographical and intercultural exploration of the personal and community-level relationships that once existed in the mixed villages of Cyprus shows that, in the 1930s to 1950s, before...
According to Ms Jacobs, on a personal level, strong intercultural practices and traditions, including intermarriages, ‘koumbaroi’, milk mothers, and deep friendships existed within many former mixed villages of Cyprus.
Nova Peris OAM was the first Indigenous Australian to win an Olympic Gold Medal. She played in the Australian Women’s Hockey team at the 1996 Summer Olympics and became a double gold medalist in the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Nova has extensive...
[facebook_video video="10155702929657005"] Nova Peris was born and raised in Darwin. Her mother, grandmother and grandfather are all members of the ‘Stolen Generations’ from respective missions on the Tiwi islands, Moola Bulla of the East Kimberl...
Australia’s annual intake of permanent migrants has fallen to the lowest level since 2007 under the leadership of the Turnbull government, the latest migration data reveals.Dina Gerolymou and Themis Kallos discuss the story.
Rodoula Gaitanou is a much sought after opera director. She is currently in Melbourne directing Rossini's William Tell. She told SBS Greek that the message of William Tell appeals to her "Greekness".
Dr. Vasilis Adrahtas, an educator in the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Indigenous Academic Support program in NSW, explains how education helps young Indigenous Australians redefine their cultural integrity.