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Dr. Panayota Nazou, speaks to SBS Greek about the launch of the English edition of her book "promised brides", her teaching career at the University of Sydney and her migration story.
The English edition of the book Νύφες με Προξενιό (promised brides), by Dr Panayota Nazou, was recently launched in Sydney. This book presents the most systematic and coherent research so far into the phenomenon of ‘promised brides’ as practiced ...
Elias Armenis is the founder of the Not-for-profit organisation "Passage to Life". Mr Armenis visited Australia and talked to SBS Greek.
This article is only available in Greek.
Momentum is growing ahead of the federal election for the minimum wage to be replaced. Here's what it would mean for Australia’s lowest paid workers.
Australia’s wage stagnation has put the concept of a living wage firmly on the political agenda.   The Fair Work Commission’s annual review of the minimum wage has prompted calls for the nation’s 2.2 million lowest-paid workers to be given a heft...
Australia and New Zealand's leaders have come together to condemn yesterday's mass shooting in two Christchurch mosques, calling it "an attack against all of us".
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed 40 people have been killed in shootings at two Christchurch mosques.
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Rebetien rhymes with Boheme. Despite its French sounding name, the Greek group plays rebetika and is touring Australia and New Zealand ahead of the 2nd Rebetiko Festival in Melbourne. 
Melbourne's 2nd Rebetiko Festival, the brainchild of Con Kalamaras and Con Karamoutzos, is taking place on the 23rd of March at the Recital Center following the huge success of last year's event that took the organizers by surprise....
Australian Prime Minister Morrison visited the home of the Greek Community of Melbourne, 'The Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture' where he held discussions with GCM's president Bill Papastergiadis. 
The Prime Minister was joined by David Coleman, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs in the Morrison Government and also by Gladys Liu, the Liberal Party candidate for Chisholm. ...
Greek Stage theatre returns with a new comedy. Director Akis Kastelloriou talked to SBS Greek. 
The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria has distanced itself from the position of calling the Greek Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Terence Kouik "unwelcome" in Australia. 
The president of the Pan Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria, Andrew Ballis, explains his position to SBS Greek.