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Miles is a town of just 1800 people and quite a few parents are outraged at this act.
Mosiqi Acharya

The Courier Mail
5 Aug 2016 - 5:40 PM  UPDATED 5 Aug 2016 - 5:40 PM

A parent in small town of Queensland has been fined for letting their children walk to Primary school on their own.

This happened in Miles, a small town 200 kms west of Toowoomba in Queensland where Police fined the parents of children, both under the age of 12, for walking to school by themselves.

The Courier Mail reported that Police was shocked to discover number of students under the age of 12 walking to school unsupervised.

Police then distributed a flyer throughout the tight-knit community.

One mother shared it on Facebook which was shared thousands of times online, The Courier Mail reported.

It states that kids “under 12 cannot walk or ride to school alone, there must be some level of supervision”.

“Blatant disregard for this responsibility has already led to criminal charges against a parent in Miles and others could easily face prosecution,” the flyer says.

“We are determined to provide the safest possible environment for our kids and our community and we ask everyone to play their part.”

Miles Sergeant Benjamin Wiltshire told 2GB, “There’s a different expectation for 11 year olds than there is for a five or six year old - that’s common sense - and a lot of this comes down to what’s reasonable.”

“It actually says in the legislation that whether the time or distance is unreasonable depends on all of the relevant circumstances

“So if you’re riding across the road or 100 metres to the school on a pushbike with a group of 11 year olds is certainly a different case to a five or six year old walking across town completely unsupervised.”

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