• A group of Indian Australians come together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Independence by performing a Bollywood-style dance flashmob in Sydney Harbour (Youtube)
It was a normal day at Sydney harbour when suddenly everything came to a halt as Bollywood music filled the air and a large group suddenly started dancing together.
Vivek Asri

4 Sep 2017 - 6:50 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2017 - 1:21 PM

Nobody knew what was happening and yet everybody was watching because it had felt that something interesting was going to happen. This group of young people started to dance to Bollywood songs.

Then it became clear. It was a flash mob by some Indian youngsters celebrating India's national Independence Day, which this year marked it's 70th anniversary of independence from British rule.

Organiser Antony Joseph Crossman says, "I was thinking of organising a flash mob for a long time. I thought I would do something for the Independence Day." 

Crossman says that it was a casual thing. He tells SBS Hindi, "It was a celebration."

"We completed it with patriotic songs. We added some Bollywood songs so that people could have had some fun. And finally we included Vande Matram."

Antony brought around 25 people together for this event through Facebook. And the passers-by had the fun as Antony explains that people enjoyed it a lot. They were taking selfies and making videos.

Watch the event unfold below:

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