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  • Urvi Shah (Supplied)
Marriage in India is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. Parents start worrying about the marriage of their children as soon as they finish their education. Live-in relationships are frowned upon by society in India. The entire family, along with friends and relatives start looking for a compatible groom or bride for a person approaching marriageable age. Often people hire the services of marriage bureaus and match makers or scan the matrimonial columns.
Kumud Merani

15 Mar 2018 - 1:06 PM  UPDATED 15 Mar 2018 - 1:30 PM

In such a society who can the LGBT community turn to? They too want to enjoy the sanctimony of marriage, though gay marriages are illegal in India. In fact homosexuality is considered a crime in India.

Urvi Shah has found an apt solution for Gay marriages. 23-year-old Urvi has started a Gay Arranged Marriages Service in Secunderabad.  Her own parents were initially shocked at the idea, her father was not even aware about the meaning of LGBT. He was however supportive and researched the topic. Coming from a traditional family of Ahmedabad, Urvi’s father suggested she start the bureau from another city to avoid the criticism of relative.

Thus started the Gay Arranged Marriages services from Secunderabad. So far they have registered more than 1500 members of the gay and Lesbian community and 75% of them are Indians.

Urvi tells us that most parents of such couples are staunchly against these marriages and they need a lot of convincing. The Bureau also provides counselling services of Doctors and Lawyers to such parents. Yet, Uurvi adds, “I get hate mail and abuses every single day, but I don’t care because these people need to be educated on this matter- they have no knowledge.”

Some parents remain totally adamant and unaccepting. Urvi tells us, “One such case is that of Manish and Amar Kumar. While Manish’s parents were finally reconciled, Amar Kumar’s parents never accepted this marriage but the two have found the love of their life.”

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