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Conference poster (Dr. Mahesh Kalra)

Melbourne is hosting a First Scientific Ayurvedic Conference on 11th and 12th March 2017. Anita Barar speaks about it with Dr Mahesh Kalra and Dr.Sanjay Raghav

Anita Barar
Published on
Friday, March 10, 2017 - 15:51
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Focusing on Ayurveda In Modern Health Practice, the two days conference would have talks on Ayurveda, clinical cases studies & keynote presentations. Experts with multi-disciplinary training will demonstrate how Ayurveda, multi-faceted, time-tested and proven by modern science, can add value to modern health practice.

Speaking with Anita Barar, Dr Mahesh Kalra said that its very important to bring the awareness about the our old science of Ayruveda. He added that more than thousand herbs are growing in our own Australia. Aboriginals have always been using these herbs and it is very important to share the knowledge and be benefitted by it.

He added that Ayurveda successfully treats all systemic, seasonal, infectious, auto immune and degenerative conditions with zero side effects.

It is because Ayurveda practitioners are able to fine tune an already personalised treatment plan.

Dr Sanjay Raghav added that recently a medical journal published that in many a cases, Ayurvedic medicines are safer and best performing medications as compare to allopathic medication.

Dr Sanjay is a Neurosurgeon, yet he uses the science of Yoga and meditation for Parkinson patients which provide them extra benefits.