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Ever seen people lining up for having a glimpse of a Jeep? On September 10th, a discreet village Dhamupur in Ghazipur situated in eastern region of Uttar Pradesh came alive. Sun was getting hotter but even this could not deter people who have filled almost all roads and even narrow lanes leading to this village, just to have a look at a Jeep.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 13:21
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For the villagers, it was also a special moment as the RCL Gun which was used in the battle for destroying the Pakistan’s Paton Tanks in 1965 war by village lad Veer Abdul Hameed, receipient of Paramveer Chakra. The RCL Gun mounted on a Jeep was stationed in the village on a mounted platform. This is the first time that people got to see the gun from such close quarter.

“We had requested the Army Chief for the RCL Gun. It is not the original one used by Veer Abdul Hamid but a replica of that still villagers can now feel the gun and recall the bravery of Veer Abdul Hamid,” Jameel Alam, the grandson of Veer Abdul Hameed said.

Once the photo of the RCL Gun mounted on the Jeep was posted on social media, it soon became viral. Everyone joined in saluting the bravery of Veer Abdul Hameed. Journalist Prem Prakash who also hails Ghazipur gave a descriptive account of Veer Hameed’s life.

It was the moment of glory for whole village to celebrate the martyrdom of their son Veer Abdul Hameed. Not only this, Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat and UP’s Governor Ram Naik too joined in saluting the martyrdom of Veer Abdul Hameed.

Veer Abdul Hameed’s name needs no introduction in the country. He is receipient of country’s highest gallantry award Paramveer Chakra for his heroic bravey in 1965 Indo-Pak war. For his courage and valour, Veer (brave) word has been prefixed before his name. He attained martyrdom on 10 September after destroying several paton tanks of Pakistan with his Jeep mounter RCL gun. Paton Tanks were given to Pakistan by US who boasted them for their invincibility but they could not withstand the valour of Veer Hameed.

Veer Abdul Hameed has also participated in 1969 Indo-China war with bravery and he showed his valour in 1965 Indo-Pak war. While Pakistan was advancing, he had just one Jeep mounted RCL. Paton Tanks had 18 inches thick body which could not be damaged by RCL gun which had the capacity to pierce only 11 inches. But at the back side the tank’s body was a bit thin around six inches and Veer Hameed targeted them from back for four days and destroyed five invincible tanks before attaining martyrdom. Never in the war history, so many tanks have been destroyed by “On his martrydom the then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri visited his ancestral village. He embraced his father Usman who only demanded two things—a road in the village and a bridge over Ganga.Both were agreed,” writes Prem Prakash. In 1956, Hameed had saved villagers during floods and waded his boat in the river to bring them at a safer place.

A tailor by profession, Hameed had many stories. He once fought single-handedly with the stick wielding goons of a local landlord who had come to take over agriculture field of his Hindu friend. He was a very good at targets and once even brought a bird down from the tree using his catalput just by listening to her voice.

Army Chief Bipin Rawat honoured his widow Rasoolan Bibi and recalled the heroic deeds of Veer Hameed. Governor Ram Naik too lauded his bravery and joined in saluting the statue of Veer Hamid along with army, local police and adminitration.

Hameed’s grandson Jameel too urged the Governor Ram Naik for including a lesson on Veer Hameed in NCERT syllabus. “Earlier it was in the syllabus but now it has been removed, it should be restored. It will help in making his bravery immortal among children,” he said.

Veer Hameed underlines the great bravery of our soldiers who sacrifice their life for the country.