(Sachin Sharma)

Sachin Sharma, who has pledged to become Job Creator instead of Job seeker, talks about Art of doing business.

Anita Barar
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 13:42
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 Sydney based Sachin Sharma is founding President at International Federation of Indian Subcontinent Entrepreneurs. 

He says that the purpose of his life is to get inspiration and give inspiration. Following his passion for, he conducts workshops.

Speaking with SBS, Sachin Sharma says, " The need of time is to work for a business opportunity or an outlet so as to become an active contributor towards Australian Economy."



Sachin believes that Small Business is the ultimate contributor one can make to the society  and a Sustainable and Profitable Business is vehicle for so many to fulfill their dreams.

He says that its a myth that mostly businesses fail in their first years of set up. He told that its because of people who start a business but don't fully understand and unable to sustain their passion for the same.




He adds that this is the reason, he is devoting his time to educate and inspire people to get into the main force to build a strong Economy.