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Tribe of Aboriginals

"THE STORY UNTOLD" PART 1 By KUMUD MERANI IS A MULTI-AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY. The links between us all as a race of human beings are ancient and run deep - and our similarities have fascinated scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists for hundreds of years. The continent we now call Australia was first populated 40-thousand+ years ago and it was once thought that the First Nations here, had limited contact with other people and other cultures. However, anthropological evidence has begun to point to greater, and older connections. Last year, in 2013, a new DNA study rocked the scientific world - with new evidence that people from the Indian subcontinent people may have come to Australia around four-thousand years ago - an event also possibly linked to the first appearance of the dingo. They call it the Australia-India link - and provides another insight into our ancestries.

Kumud Merani
Published on
Monday, April 6, 2015 - 16:46
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