Michael Kasprowicz and Stephanie Rice (Supplied)

After their many visits to India for both sport, getting to know the country and it's people, former Australian Test Cricketer Michael Kasprowicz and Triple Olympic Gold medalist Stephanie Rice will be cooking up a storm to help indigent Indian families. Find out How and Why?. 

Kumud Merani
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 13:46
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Opportunity International Australia invites Aussies to cook up a curry this October or November, share it with family and friends and raise funds so families in developing countries can receive small loans to build businesses and break the crippling cycle of poverty.


Launching the Great Australian Curry fundraising campaign, Opportunity Chief Executive Officer, Robert Dunn, says: Curry celebrates the vibrant cultures of developing countries and its a great meal for bringing families and friends together. Its also easy to make.


Triple Olympic gold medalist, Stephanie Rice, is participating in the Great Australian Curry fundraising competition with Cricketer Michael Kasprowicz. Last year Michael won the competition but this year Stephanie aims to be the winner. Talking of her love for curries she says, I love curry. Its absolutely one of my all-time favourite meals - especially because I'm regularly in India, and it has by far the best tasting curries. I cant wait to get behind this amazing cause - giving families a hand up through Opportunity. Its an honour to support Opportunity and the work it does in giving families a hand up and better opportunity in life, she says.


After his many visits to India for both sport and business, former Australian Test Cricketer Michael Kasprowicz, has developed a taste for Southern Indian-style prawn curries and any vegetarian dish containing eggplant.

Speaking of his excitement about the Great Australian Curry, Michael says: The Great Australian Curry will lead to greater awareness of Indias poverty and the way Opportunity is working with families in India to work their way out of poverty.

 Both these Sporting champions want to spread their love for India, Indian cuisine and give back to India all the love they have received from their fans in that country!  Cheers to their spirit to give a helping hand to the indigent Indian women and families and craze for curry!