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Online Hate (Wikipedia)

Are you a victim of online hate campaign against you because you are a Muslim? Online Hate Prevention Institute can help.

Mosiqi Acharya
Published on
Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 17:23
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Melbourne based Online Hate Prevention Institute has launched a Campaign to combat online anti-Muslim hate speech called Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Internet Hate.

This NGO works towards combating online hate of all kinds: online racism, religious vilification, misogyny, homophobia, serious trolling and more. Their focus is on hate speech circulating on social media. 

Through this campaign, they wish to empower the public to report anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and to register and classify their reports in

Reports will be collated and tracked so the response of the social media companies can be measured and followed up. 

Over a two month period, from September 24th to November 24th, the Samih campaign will promote the reporting of anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to both the social media platforms and to OHPI’s software.

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