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Equality Campaign-Francis Voon-MarEqulOct16 by TimLevy-74 (Courtesy of Francis Voon)

Why do LGBTQI communities want Australian government to enact Marriage Equality Legislation in the parliament instead of postal plebiscite.

Vixay Vue
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Sunday, October 1, 2017 - 19:18
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The Marriage Equality's Equality Campaign, Francis Voon from Chinese-Malaysian Australian LGBTQI communities said that it was former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who changed the family law to recognise  a married couple as only a man and a woman who cohabit or set up a family as heterosexual couple. At that time, there was only over 30% of Australians support same-sex marriage.

At present time, the same sex marriage approval rate is over 70% including different parties whether it be political parties, political leaders, Australian multicultural organizations, religious leaders with diverse faith, all agree that the Australia government should enact Marriage Equality Legislation so Australian LGBT communities can be recognized as legally married couple as heterosexual couples.

Francis Voon argues that same-sex communities are being treated differently and they don't get the same level of protection as heterosexual couples under civil laws. Francis Voon said that  in case of emergency or distressed time like LGBT partners are sick, in hospital or pass away, one of the other partner will not be recognized as legally married couple even they have married overseas and returned to Australia.

They have experienced first hand as victims when it comes to discrimination, bullying and treat with disrespects, abuse, stigma on the base of their LGBTQI. This has lead to mental health problem, social isolation, anxiety, depression and suicide thought or family break down according to the National LGBTI Health Alliance. Therefore, Francis Voon said that hopefully Australian government pass this legislation so same sex communities can be treated equally.

Voon said that we have elected politicians to parliament so they can legislate and they should do their jobs and should vote and pass the Marriage Equality Legislation without wasting millions through postal plebiscite, because at the end of the day, Australian government still need to vote in Australian parliament so they can enact this legislation after the Yes or the No voted from postal survey on same-sex issue.

Francis Voon said that LGBTQI communities are our families, our friends and our brothers and sisters and they should be respected, protected, loved as a human being, enjoyed the same rights as everybody else. This will further strengthen Australian multicultural families and bring them closer stronger as family.

Equality Campaigner Francis Voon also mentioned that everyone is entitled to their opinions when it comes to same sex issues, but it shouldn't be the reasons to discriminate someone and all Australian should be equal before Australian laws. Because if LGBTQI are in trouble, it is not only same sex communities will bear the brunt but Australian communities will also be affected.

But the opponents of same-sex communities The Coalition for Marriage said that if this legislation were to pass, it will force them to change their way of life to serve and provide services for LGBT communities and they don't want to do that because it is contradicted toward their beliefs and their religious faith.

However, the LGBTQI communities argues, no one should be treated differently base on their sexual orientation, races, culture, communities or colors and should be treated equal under Australian civil laws.

In summary, Voon  stated that those can speak should speak for other who can not do so. Voon just would like to say to LGBTQI communities that there are many people who love and support them and there are helps. So by stay together we are stronger as a community.

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