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Water, water

Nirwono Joga from the Green City Partnership talks about why Jakarta has very serious clean water supply problems and suggests what needs to be done. 
Why does Jakarta have an on-going clean water supply problem despite the city’s large rainfall?  What steps need to be taken? Will the Jakarta Governor’s plan of action solve the city’s water supply problem?  Nirwono Joga raises the alert.

Discovering my Courage

Lutfi Djalil, Vice Chairperson of the Indonesian Students Association (Australia) and co-project manager of the Australia Indonesia Business Forum (AIBF) talks about the upcoming forum which will be held on 21st April, with the theme “Breaking...
What is intended by this year’s AIBF theme?  Why is this theme important to AIBF participants?  What are some real-life examples of the theme?  Who will be the guest speakers and why were they chosen?  Lutfi Djalil explains.

A taste of Ziarah

Writer, director and producer BW Purba Negara gives listeners a taste of what they will see when they watch his film Ziarah, which will be shown at the Indonesian Film Festival 2018 in Melbourne on the 30TH April .
What is unique about the film Ziarah?  What qualities was BW Purba Negara searching for when making his film?  Why is age an important issue in the film?  BW Purba Negara gives some early insights into his multi-award winning film Ziarah.

Anzac Politicians

Commemorating ANZAC Day holds particular significance for several Canberra politicians who served in in Australia’s armed forces.
In what ways is ANZAC Day important to federal Members of Parliament (MPs) who once served in the Australian military?  Why does David Fawcett believe that newcomers to Australia need to get involved in ANZAC Day commemorations too? 

Book Prints Future

Interview with the editor-in-chief of Bentang Budaya publisher Imam Risdianto regarding the future of book prints.  Bentang Budaya is a publisher of bestsellers such as Laskar Pelangi and Supernova novel series from Dee or Dewi Lestari
What is the future of the Indonesian book industry? In the midst of the development of e-book technology and social media, printed books face challenges that are not easy. Moreover, Indonesian do not have a good reading culture.

Job Growth

Agriculture and manufacturing - once considered diminishing sectors - could soon become employers of choice for Australian job seekers. But they won't be traditional "farm and factory" jobs according to a landmark study exploring Australia's...
Minister for Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Eko Putro Sanjoyo at AIBF function in Melbourne.

Parkinson: The Prospect

Young neurosurgeon dr Achmad Fahmi from Airlangga University who works at the National Hospital in Surabaya and was the recipient of a MURI award for being the first Indonesian to perform a Parkinson operation talks about Parkinson Disease in...
What do we know about the possible causes and symptoms of Parkinson disease?  Is lifestyle important?  What about psycho-social factors? Can the disease affect young people? Is there a cure? Dr Achmad Fahmi shares his knowledge and advice.
On the 25th of April each year, Australians commemorate Anzac Day. It honours all Australian and New Zealander veterans, including many from culturally diverse backgrounds. Here’s how you can participate.
On the 25th of April each year, Australians commemorate Anzac Day. It was first created to honour the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli during World War One. Nowadays, the commemoration is for all veterans....

Cyber Security

Australia has joined the United States and Britain in accusing Russia of carrying out a global cyber espionage campaign in 2017. The government says hundreds of Australian companies have been targeted, but at this stage, there is no indication...