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IKAWIRIA Halal bi Halal

Iman Santosa,  president of IKAWIRIA explains the success of the highly inclusive Halal bi Halal recently held by IKAWIRIA
What was unique about this year’s Halal bi Halal celebration?  What made the event more than a religious and cultural celebration?    Iman Santosa explains the success of IKAWIRIA’s cross-cultural celebration of the end of the fasting month. 

Traditional Language: Rejang

One of the traditional langugae in Indonesia, Bahasa Rejang very unique with their own writing characters

VIVA: Family Support

Asking for help from your family isn't always easy

My Health Report

My Health Records, the plan is designed to give doctors easier access to patients’ medical information, but there are fears around the security of people's personal information.

HIV - Why the hike?

Writer and activist Hendri Yulius who from January-June this year worked with the Aids Council of New South Wales (ACON) to collect data about the sexual health of gay Asian men in New South Wales, talks about the increased incidence of HIV among...
How can we explain the increase in cases of HIV among gay men of Asian background in Australia? Why is accessing PReP a problem for many gay Asian men in Australia?  What makes the situation even more complex in Indonesia?  Hendri Yulius...

Come and see the Wayang!

Kadar Lukas a member of Australia Indonesia Association  of South Australia (AIA SA) talks about an up-coming Wayang Kulit performance (21 Jul 2018) as a part of Infdo Fest.  
Where and when can we see AIA SA’s Wayang Kulit performance?  What’s so good about Ki Joko, the puppeteer?  In what language will the performance be presented?    Kadar Lukas talks about the Wayang Kulit performance to be held in Adelaide this...

Impression from Helsinki

Dr. Retno Sukardan Mamoto, a lecturer at Faculty of Humanities at the English Studies Program and the American Studies Graduate Program, University of Indonesia with expertise in American Studies, offers a typically unique view of events in...
Was President Trump’s meeting with Presiden Putin a diplomatic disaster?  How different is Trump’s approach to the USA-Russia relationship?  How should Australia and Indonesia adjust?  Dr.Retno Sukardan Mamoto gives her assessment of the Helsinki...
Young people in South Centre Timor (Timor Tengah Selatan), in the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) have had problems getting birth certificates and the accompanying access to certain social services and facilities. 
What practical and cultural problems do young people in South Centre Timor face in getting birth certificates?  What has been the impact on the young peoples’ lives?  What is being done to address the issue? This special report from the team at...
Many older Australians face the possibility of dangerous accidental falls because they are unaware of the dangers of Sarcopenia.
What is Sarcopenia?  How dangerous is it?  Is it hard to detect? Who is most at risk?  What so we do to reduce the possibility of suffering Sarcopenia? Follow us on Facebook, click ==>  SBS Indonesian Listen to our podcast, click ==> SBS In...

A final to remember

Mikael Dian Teguh a writer and journalist in Jakarta and Robbie Gaspar, former player and Development Manager with the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) discuss the ebbs and flows of the 2018 World Cup final.
Did fitness and recovery time impact on Croatia’s performance in the World Cup final?  How influential were some of the umpiring decisions and the use of VAR? Was does the future hold for Croatia?  Mikael Dian Teguh and Robbie Gaspar discuss a...

Boutique Visa Deals

The Federal Government is targeting particular parts of the country for special visa deals to combat skills shortages in niche fields.
Why did Federal Government grant a special visa deal for staff at the Fronditha aged-care center? Under what circumstances will the Government do similar deals?  Will holders of visas in those boutique areas have a pathway to permanent residency?