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A reflection on the impact of contemporary art vs old art.
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Why wages are stagnant?

A new Treasury research says it is because workers aren't changing jobs.      
So, what is the relationship between salaries that do not grow and workers who do not change jobs? This is one of the questions we asked today to UNSW Finance Professor Max Tani. 
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Rosa and Leonardo Daniele decided to enroll to the University of Third Age to keep their minds alive and to acquire new skills for their projects.
Going back to school could be a daunting prospect or a real booster for many people. Rosa and Leonardo Daniele swear by the positive effects that joining the University of Third Age had had on their lives, as they tell SBS Italian why they enroll...
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A new study from Murdoch University found dolphins which were not fed by the Bunbury Discovery Centre had more success raising calves.
A new study on how food-provisioning affects calf survival and female reproductive success in bottlenose dolphins has found that the practice can alter the natural behavior of an animal, encouraging adverse behavior and affect the reproductive...

Ermonela Jaho, a life in opera

Albanian world-renowned soprano Ermonela Jaho is currently in Australia performing the title role in Opera Australia’s new production of Gaetano Donizetti’s Anna Bolena directed by Davide Livermore. Her performances, without exception, have been...
“Technically and dramaturgically speaking, it’s a war for a soprano,” she says about singing Anna Bolena. “We all worked together to make it a success and, from the audience reaction, it worked”. Ermonela Jaho, who The Economist described as “the...

Kingfish Pilu's style

Celebrity chef Giovanni Pilu recently visited the Clean Seas fish farming aquaculture installation of Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish and decided to serve this special fish in his restaurants at Freshwater.
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Bruce Beresford Interview

The 25th edition of the Rome’s Tiber Island Film Festival was held on 9 July. Internationally renowned Australian director, Bruce Beresford, Oscar winner for the movie "Driving Miss Daisy", was there for the premiere of his latest film, "Ladies In...
The film, based on the eponymous best-selling novel by Madeleine St. John, is a comedy set in a Sydney department store that talks about women, immigration, integration, emancipation… and stereotypes. With Patty Durath Cooper, who interviewed...
It's been 50 years since men first walked on the moon.
It's been 50 years since men first walked on the moon. The landing was broadcast around the world and we have asked our listeners to share some of their memories of that historic moment.

Why is the Strega so important?

We discuss the matter with book blogger Laura Ganzetti, who attended the proclamation of the 2019 winner.
Awarded annually since 1947, the Strega Prize is the most prestigious Italian literary award. Ennio Flaiano, Elsa Morante, Primo Levi, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Alberto Moravia and Umberto Eco are among the former winners. 
Thousands of undocumented immigrants were waiting in fear and uncertainty ahead of nationwide raids Sunday, that President Donald Trump said would lead to a wave of expulsions. Journalist Giampiero Gramaglia reports.
Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump redoubled his racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen, insisting they leave the United States if they continue complaining about his policies.
Alessandro Micciché came to Australia with a working holiday visa. After several jobs and a university course, he is now a citizen and teaches Latin in Australian schools.
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After Federer ans Williams' heartbreaking loss in Wimbledon's finals, we discuss the matter with journalist Riccardo Bisti.
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On 25 February, the Italian Ambassador to Australia, Stefano Gatti, returned to Italy, after less than a year at the helm of the Canberra diplomatic headquarters. A departure - as we reported at the time – that took place in silence and without...
Almost six months after his exit, Rome is about to send a new Ambassador down under. We spoke to Senator Francesco Giacobbe, elected in the constituency which also includes Australia, who closely followed the story and cooperated with the Italian...