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Doping, Russia out of Winters Games

What are the political consequences of Russia's ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics?
Journalist Eugenio Capodacqua explains.
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China has made an official diplomatic complaint against Australia after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that foreign interference in politics would be outlawed.
Our weekly analysis of Australian politics with University of Queensland's Ottavia Dolci.

The democratic chef

The miserable cuisine of democratic chef Alessandro Vecchiarelli takes us back to the black and white world of the minestrina with formaggino.
At last, a cooking segment for everyone, even those who've never walked into a kitchen.

Caterina Mauro

Our segment on the history of Italians in Australia features today Caterina Mauro, who arrived in Sydney on 17 August 1951. 
She came to Sydney to join Costantino, the boyfriend she met in Italy during World War II and who had travelled to Australia a few months earlier.

Daria Masiero, soprano and teacher

"My masterclasses are as rewarding as my successes on stage".
Her students, many Australians among them, have already performed in various Italian theatres. In this interview Daria Masiero talks about her dual role as famous soprano and teacher.
"Una storia nera" by Antonella Lattanzi. A review by Piera Carroli

VIVA Trips to take on your own

More and more Australians over 50 are choosing to travel alone. Going solo frees you from having to wait for a companion to find the time.
Listen to hear the top summer destinations recommended by some of Australia's most avid travelers.
From dronista to taggatura, UWA Associate Professor John Kinder explains which neologisms have appeared in the 2018 Zingarelli and how they were chosen.
Emanuela and her son Alessandro, recently migrated to Australia, remember for us his rocky transition from an Italian primary school to an Australian one and the strategies that helped him adjust and become bilingual.

Would you go bush to own a house?

House affordability is becoming a hurdle for most people. Would you move to the countryside in order to buy a house?
As the big smoke becomes less and less affordable, some people are considering moving to smaller towns to realise their dreams of home ownership. We have spoken to a few Italo-Australians living in regional centres about the pros and cons of such...
Violent protests have taken place across Palestinian Territories and as far afield as Morocco and Pakistan, as outrage over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital increases.
Journalist Michele Giorgio reports.

Platoon on SBS TV

Our guide to SBS TV programs of the week.
How do Palestinian children spend their days? Ilaria Masieri, Terredeshommes Italia co-desk officer for Lebanon and Palestiane, explains. 

The secret life of boiled eggs

How to make a good boiled egg? Easier said than done, according to not exactly renowned chef, Alessandro Vecchiarelli.