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Newly added
Five young Australian language students have been selected as the winners of the third annual SBS National Languages Competition.
SBS Italian news, with a slower pace. This is Slow Italian, Fast Learning, the very best of the week’s news, read at a slower pace, with Italian and English text available.
The University of Trento has been developing a project since 2015 focus to welcome and facilitate the access to the university path to a selected group of people. 
One of the requisite for the students is to have already received the legal status of political asylum seekers. We spoke about the project with Prof. Barbara Poggio, Vice-Rector for Equality and Diversity Policies at the University of Trento.
Newly added
A journey around modernity through rediscovery of true gems produced by the pen of remarkable Italian film composer Ennio Morricone.
Saxophonist Mirko Guerrini brings the SBS Italian team on a journey into Ennio Morricone's less famous compositions. Listen to SBS Italian every day from 8am to 10am. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Newly added
Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini met with Israeli President to strengthen economic and political ties.
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"Autopsy of a Political right"

The Italian elections of March 2018 have redrawn the political framework in Italy. There was a collapse of the PD, democratic party, and the victory of M5S and Lega, in contrast with the vote of Italian's abroad. 
We spoke with Simone Battiston who curated together with Stefano Luconi an essay about Italian vote abroad: "Autopsy of a political right: the vote of Italians abroad in the 2018 elections", and with Marco Fedi, a former parliamentarian for ten...
The NGV is showcasing some of the most extraordinary prints and drawings of Dutch artist M. C. Escher.
Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds is the first exhibition in the world to feature the extraordinary work of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher in dialogue with the work of acclaimed Japanese design studio nendo, led by designer Oki Sato....
UNSW Finance Professor, Max Tani talks about unemployment in Australia alongside other financial news.
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Crime Stoppers Australia Launched the campaign "Dub a Dealer" to tackle drug trafficking and production.
Piergiorgio (Piero) Paglialonga, is Crime Stoppers Victoria's Diversity and Engagement Officer. He promotes safety and awareness of Crime Stoppers in the public and the communities of the State of Victoria, with regard to their diverse cultural a...

Theresa May flies to Brussels

Theresa May called the "runaway prime minister" by opposition leader jeremy Corbyn.
Theresa May has postponed a crucial vote on her draft Brexit agreement, going back to European Union leaders in a desperate bid to seek reassurances on the divorce deal. EU leaders are meeting to discuss Brexit at a summit in Brussels on Thursday...

A special pizza for a hot summer

Who said that summer is not the right season for pizzas?
Vincenzo Riemma, owner of Napoli Centro Pizzeria, tells us his secret ingredients for the Pizza Speciale n. 1

COP24, path to decarbonization

At the first week of COP24 it did not go unnoticed either the silence of Australia maintained during the discussions dealt with, nor the fact that it was the only nation to join the United States during a pro-coal meeting.
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