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Alfredo Ferrara and his wife Lucia came to Australia 56 years ago.
Globetrotter superstar Paolo Bordogna returns to Sydney for the new Simon Phillips' production of The Turk in Italy under the masterful baton of maestro Andrea Molino.
In this conversation with SBS Italian, baritone Paolo Bordogna explains why this production of Opera Australia's The Turk in Italy is a crod-pleaser. Follow us on Facebook!
First-time entrant Jack Lee from Melbourne has been named Australia's Chef of the Year. Italy' Nicola Roberti, a 32 year-old from Marche, classified in the top 8. This is how he made it.
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Aroon Tremul's family moved back and forth from Italy and Australia. The 38 year-old from Trieste is now married to Lauren, has a 17 months-old daughter - Sofia - whose first word was in Italian and calls Geelong home. This is hist story.
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We spoke with migration agent, Emanuela Canini.
Free event "Cinecittà Beats" is a musical and video homage to the infamous Italian crime movies shot in the 70ies.
Drummer Nanni Calandro bring us back to the 70ies mood and sound! Come dressed in your best 70s attire and enjoy an evening of live music with soundtracks from Italo-crime films performed by local Italian band Nanni Calandro's Cinematic Band, fol...
How safe are bridges in Italy and Australia?
After the collapse of motorway bridge, Ponte Garibaldi, over the outskirts of Genoa the Government has opened an investigations. Many questions are arising over the structure conditions and management. We spoke with Leo Ambrogi, a structural...
Is there really a migrant emergency in Italy? Or is it scaremongering?
We have asked Professor Maurizio Ambrosini, lecturer in sociology at Milan University and author of “Migrazioni”, published by Egea Edizioni. Follow us on Facebook!
The Lavazza Italian Film Festival is back: we talk to the Festival's director Elysia Zeccola.
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Our guide to the SBS TV programs for the next 7 days.
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This year the world will be spending over a $100 billion on vitamins and supplements. Are they really effective?
SBS Italian news, with a slower pace. This is Slow Italian, Fast Learning, the very best of the week’s news, read at a slower pace, with Italian and English text available.
They are "global citizens" and they move alone or as a couple.
A new academic research titled "New youth mobility from Italy to Australia: a sense of belonging and social cohesion" is seeing Professor Cuervo, from the Youth Research Center Center at Melbourne University, working alongside sociologist Mauro...
NASA has launched its $1.5 billion spacecraft designed to "touch the Sun".
Senior Research Fellow at the Internation Centre for Radio Astronomy Research for the University of Western Australia Luca Cortese tells us why this mission is of interest to common people (and their phones!)....