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Latest in Kurdish radio

Latest in Kurdish Radio

Live from the War

As an eight-year-old Roza was forced to pray for a long life for Saddam Hussein - now an adult, she describes her life in hell, and her journey to Australia.
SBS Kurdish spoke to a group of refugees who have been resettled in Australian in the last couple of years about the importance of Refugee Week and what it means...
Refugee Week is an important event in Australia and during the week of 16 June to 22 June local councils and humanitarian organisations organise events.
Our correspondent Ahmad Ghafur reports on the latest from Erbil regarding KRG's formation of a new government.As Kurdish parties get closer towards an agreement...
Women from various cultural communities are being trained to teach others about domestic violence, after new research found the majority of some groups didn't...
A Kurdish refugee's love story

Donna Sherwani crossed the Indian Ocean in a fishing boat and arrived in Australia where she found her Korean soulmate.