Melodic rock musician Vasko Tanevski speaks with SBS about his newly released CD with Melbourne band Cosmic Rain last month. (SBS)

Long-time melodic rock musician Vasko Tanevski first fell in love with music after watching a Beatles cartoon as a newly arrived eight year-old in Melbourne. When illness struck later in life, Vasko turned to his music which he says was both the motivating force and the therapy he needed to help him get through his darkest moments. Together with his rock band Cosmic Rain, Vasko produced his first CD which was launched at the well-known music hub Mr.Boogie Man in Abbotsford last month. Vasko says he owes his will to keep on rock'n in the face of adversity, to his deep passion for rock music and says Cosmic Rain plans to produce one CD each year!

Margarita Vasileva
Published on
Friday, November 3, 2017 - 17:23
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