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政治漫画家巴丢草声援吴维漫画 (badiucao)

Wu Wei, phd candidate and former head tutor of University of Sydney, post a couple of messages including calling Chinese international students "pigs" and a video of him burning Chinese Passport.  His action and messages were critised by most of the public and he has resigned from his job in USYD.  However, there is a group of Chinese Australians supporting Wu Wei. Political cartoon artist Badiucao is one of them. He also creating a serie of art for supporting Wu Wei. There petition page has get almost 1500 support now. Nila Liu interviewed Badiucao and asking him to explain why he is supporting Wu Wei on this.

Nila Liu
Published on
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 14:00
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8 min 8 sec