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Lunar Lantern: The Dragon

Guan Wei's mystical Dragon for celebrating the Chinese New Year is now shown in the front of the Contemporary Gallery.
Eugena Han, a mandarin speaking ranger from Parks Victoria, considers the national park as 'the most beautiful office' in the world.
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Do you know consumers rights and restrictions on returning goods?

How to have a high quality sleep?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people ignore the importance of sleep. However, according the report from The Telegraph, high quality sleep can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimers. How to have a good...
Dr Irene Prantalos was suffered psoriasis when she was young. But her gradually got better by taking Chinese medicine. Now she has become a specialist of Chinese medicine and would like to help more people who suffer from skin problems.
The first time that Irene tried Chinese Medicine was 15 years old and she refused to take the herbs that stank. But she tried it again at 19 years old, and and the results were fantastic. Within 2 months her skin was NORMAL.  So she decided to...

Chinese New Year Lantern Festival

The biggest ever Chinese lanterns to be displayed in Australia are coming to Sydney's Darling Harbour to mark Chinese New Year celebrations for the year of the Dog.
Sydney celebrations rank among thhe biggest anywhere outsaid of China, with a host of events and a substantial uptake in Chinese tourism over the New Year period.
When asked by SBS Punjabi if he would be future Prime Minister again, Tony Abbott said, "let's see what the future holds." Mr Abbott was in Wantirna (in Melbourne's south east), on Saturday February 17, to inaugurate an Indian restaurant chain. In...
Alisha Kapoor needs new lungs, but the complexity of the surgery means she'll need a new heart as well. But if she gets them, the four year-old will be able to give the gift of life to another child. Matt Connellan reports.

Lifeng Wang Art Exhibition

Lifeng Wangs paintings, Archives of Longing are now exhibited in Vermilion Art Gallery.
Wang Lifeng is an artist who has reflected deeply on how the turths and misfortunes of Chinese culture and history can or should be reflected in contemporary works of art.