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Josh on a glacier (Provided)

Josh Stinton went to Arctic Norway to race in the worlds toughest mountain bike race, Offroad Finnmark 700.

Frank Mathisen
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Friday, August 18, 2017 - 19:44
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Josh says he had to dig deep in himself during the race and he really got to know himself.

Whilst riding in what he call the middle of nowhere, remote parts of Finnmark in Arctic, Norway he really got thinking about family, friends and what means something for him.

They crossed glaciers, deep rivers, battled mosquitoes and climbed mountains and Josh tells SBS Norwegian that this is the toughest challenge he has ever done.

At the third checkpoint or about 190 kilometer they were told they were a couple of hours over time.

He had mixed feelings after getting the message, sad but also relieved.

He was bummed to not being able to finish, but on the other side also relieved as it was the toughest thing he had ever done in his life.

It's all a part of the story, he says.

On the question on what was the hardest part of the race he explains that it was the mosquitoes, or as he dubbed them 'the national bird' of the area.

Would he do it again?

He doesn't say No, but won't swan dive into a yes either.

You can hear Josh tell all this and more by clicking on the player on the top of the page.

josh talking about his preparations for Offroad Finnmark
Reiser til Norge for sin neste store utfordring

Josh Stintons neste utfrodring er verden tøffeste terrengsykkelritt, Offroad Finnmark.. en etappe, 700 kilometer, og masse mygg! Også denne gangen er det mer enn bare den fysiske og mentale utfordringen som driver han.