Eva was reading the news when SBS Norwegian started as a part of the Scandinavian hours on SBS Radio.
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Since Ambassador Unni Kløvstad arrived in Australia, we've done many interviews with her. This time we reflect back on the whole period, and there has been many great memories from the first interview until the end of the program.
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Musikkdronningen på SBS Norsk

I over et år mellom to programledere satt Lene Skaug i SBS Norsk sitt studio og spilte musikk. Et av de musikalske høydepunktene det året var når Alexander Rybakk vant Melodi Grand Prix med Fairytale.
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Previous host for the Norwegian program talks about what he remembered from the time he sat behind the microphone, and what he is up to know.
Is there a difference in men and women's ability in the armed forces and how has masculinity played a role in recruiting men to military service?

A Danish motorbike down under

Nimbus was a motorcycle produced in Denmark early to mid last century. One of these motorbikes made it's way down under, and is after some restoration in mint condition.
A new report into Australia's sexual health shows an increase in gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted infection that was once extremely rare in Australia.There has also been a huge increase in HIV within the Indigenous community with many health...

UN climate

Weather forecasters are predicting 2017 will be one of the hottest on record, even without a boost from an El Niño.It's also been marked by an unusually high number of extreme weather events, which scientists warn will continue unless greenhouse...

Across Australia for a good cause

A ten year old idea led Jan to recruit Bjørn and Agne for a trip of a lifetime and a fundraiser for the cancer society.
Traditional owners have announced that climbing Uluru will be banned from late 2019.Tourism bodies are among those that have welcomed the decision.
Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world when it comes to higher education.It's no surprise that 90 per cent of its eligible students take up a loan to pay for university.There are different types of loans, as well as...
A re-run of Kenya's presidential elections is to set to proceed as planned later today (thur) despite opposition resistance. It follows a failed bid to delay the new elections when only two of the seven Supreme Court judges showed up for a hearing.
A lavish, five-day funeral for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej has enveloped Thailand, marking a year since his death. Mourners have travelled from as far away as Australia to take part in the observances. And senior members of the royal family...
Donna og Cecilie visiting in studio