SMS Anniversary

It's been 25 years since the world's first text message was successfully sent.  And while many of us couldn't imagine a world without text messaging today, the man who sent the first ever text says he had no idea his one message would...

VIVA- Going Vegetarian

More Australians are opting to go meat-free to improve their health or lose weight.   In fact, over ten per cent of our population are now vegetarian.   In the 14th VIVA episode we talk to some long-term vegetarian and experts...

Polish scientists in the world?

Adam Warzel, chairman of Australian Polish Institute  recently took part  in V Congress of Polish Scientific Societies in the World.Its theme was the situation of the Polish- born academics around the world.
Mr. Stefan Kulesza from Melbourne celebrated his 100th birthday in November 2017. A Polish Seniors Support group run by the "Polcare" organized a dinner on this occasion. The celebration was coordinated by the Social Support Group coordinator,...
 ...a celebration in the photos :
Mystery drama film produced, directed and played by Kenneth Branagh ... is it the best train movie of all the time?

Week in Poland

Przemek Przybylski, in his weekly report, talks about the reenactment of the government and the new Prime Minister of Poland - Mateusz Morawiecki

The sky of Barcelona painter

Piotr Perski is a Polish, internationally renowned painter, whose works have been exhibited in Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Germany, Cyprus and Poland. On show for one day only, will be a small, but lavish body of work of his...
Andrzej Rozplochowski , Polish opposition activist during the People's Republic of Poland and one of co-creators of "Solidarity" movement visits Australia... This is a part 1 of the interview. There will be a series of meetings with A....

Latest from Western Australia

Perth to London direct flights it possible?

Polish Folk not only for Poles

Folk dance music transcends cultural boundaries. Ola and Nic, a Pole and an Australian, dance together in the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble Syrenka.

Polish Festival in Plumpton

Thousands of people visited the culturally colourful Polish Festival in Polonia Sports Club Plumpton .
Radio SBS Polish Program song was first performed in 2016 at Darling Harbour. Join us and sing this popular tune along with the Polish Radio team!
The band drawing its inspiration from traditional folk music, not only Polish, but the entire range of the Carpathian music.  After  Melbourne the coming concerts are in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.
Being a grandparent is a major milestone in the journey of life.   For those who have taken years to learn how to parent, becoming a grandparent requires a completely different set of rules, and often times, the ability to readjust as...

New Year's Eve Terror

A man has faced court accused of plotting a New Year's Eve terrorist attack at one Australia's major tourist drawcards.The 20 year-old Victorian man, Ali Ali, is accused of trying to obtain an automatic firearm to carry out a mass shooting.