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In a very short span of time, Preetinder has earned the reputation of a popular radio broadcaster. He is currently in a transition phase from a Cancer Research Scientist background to a Radio Producer. Preetinder was born and brought up in Punjab, India. He came to Australia in 2004 and is currently based in Melbourne.

Preetinder joined SBS Punjabi Radio in April 2013 and ever since his work has been appreciated expansively due to the constructive difference he has made to the mental healthcare, international student cohesion, multicultural enrichment, raising taxi industry’s issues, highlighting young scientists of Indian origin and hosting multicultural events including the youth leadership within the community service sector. 

Prior to his arrival in Australia, he worked as a Microbiologist in New Delhi. During his Master's Biotechnology studentship at Punjabi University, Patiala he was involved in various Punjabi cultural activities including singing folklore and Bhangra.

Over the past twelve years, Preetinder has been actively involved in various Punjabi community events all around Australia. 

In his "other life" Preetinder is a Cancer Research Scientist. He holds a PhD in Cancer Gene Therapy/ Medicine from University of New South Wales, Sydney. 

In the last twenty years, Preetinder’s research work and his job experience in the field of biotechnology (especially in cancer research) has helped him to be at the forefront of scientific knowledge allowing him to expand his vision to the wider community.  Preetinder’s PhD research at the University of New South Wales was focussed on the novel treatment strategies for ovarian and prostate cancer. He further extended his research experience at the postdoctoral level by investigating multiple cancers such as colorectal, breast, bone, joint and leukemia.

Preetinder completed his postdoctoral training at some of Australia’s most prestigious research centres including the last four years at the Prince Henry’s Research Institute, Melbourne (2011 – 2015). His veritable contribution to the research sector has been documented by the fact that he has published five first-authored research papers, four co- author research papers, and 12 conference abstracts. Using his scientific background Preetinder has immensely contributed in raising health awareness in the local community via his public broadcasts.

Preetinder engages creatively with the Punjabi speaking community of Australia on multiple platforms – radio, online and social media – in an effort to showcase their achievements, and also to highlight community issues or concerns on a wider scale.  During the past year or so, Preetinder’s work in reporting current affairs and the community related issues has richly enhanced community integration and also won him accolades in Australia and beyond. Preetinder used the unique platform of SBS radio to engage with various institutes, community leaders and experts to better understand community issues followed by sparking a positive dialogue within the community to find solutions for the current issues.

Preetinder's main aim is to promote a media platform that can serve as the voice of the Australian Punjabi community while being politically unattached and socially aware.

Preetinder can be contacted at or at Facebook