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SBS National Languages Competition
15 October - 18 November 2018


Share the amazing possibilities learning a language opens for you and WIN!

Latest in Punjabi radio

Latest in Punjabi Radio

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Type 2 Diabetes has milder signs but is more prevalent with 90% patients suffering from it globally.
Newly added
From 1 July 2018 the Australian Government is shifting the responsibility of GST payment on some property transactions from the property developer to the...
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Sidhu Moosewala is now one of the most talked about celebrities in the Punjabi music industry. With back to back hit tracks, Moosewala's fan following on...
Professionals, technicians and managers emerged as top major occupation groups granted skilled visas in 2017-18. Find out which occupations were granted the...

Want to age better? Join a gym

More than half of Australian adults aged between 18 to 64 don’t meet the recommended target of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. And the older we...