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A software engineer from India has claimed a strip of 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan and declared himself the king.
16 Nov 2017 - 2:08 PM  UPDATED 16 Nov 2017 - 2:20 PM

A software engineer from Indore, India has claimed a strip of 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan and declared himself the king.

According to Times of India, Suyash Dixit is an avid internet surfer who read online about this only piece of land on Earth which was habitable but was not a part of any country several years ago. Twenty days ago, when his trip was finalized to Egypt, he sought the blessing of the former claimant of the land, a US resident Jeremiah Heaton, and made plans to become king.

On 6th November, 2017, he posted his declaration on Facebook. 

Suyash is 24-years-old and has given birth to the idea of first ‘virtual governance of a kingdom’ named ‘Kingdom of Dixit’ which will be ruled online from India. He said that he didn’t necessarily want his kingdom to be a place where people can live, but instead wanted to run a country on a community basis.

Declaring his plan to form a community based kingdom where everyone will be connected to each other online, he said, "To make money, I might also offer people to be the President of the country for a month and charge a huge amount for it."

The task of actually getting to the place was not an easy one. After arriving in Egypt, he had to beg the drivers to take him to that remote spot. He was allowed to take the precarious Egyptian military road on three conditions – he had to return before sunset, he could not take valuables with him and he could not take any photographs of the area. Suyash was so scared that he even asked a friend to inform police immediately if he did not retun by sunset.

"Driver Mustafa and I survived the 319-km-long to and fro journey only on a few packets of chips and water bottles. We were explicitly told not to turn on our headlights as it may alert a vicious terrorist group from North-Sudan," he said.

The land which Suyash has declared his own is arid and its permanent resident are some lizards, which were declared by him as his kingdom's national animal. 

After declaring himself king, Suyash has received over 800 applications from people across the globe to be his kingdom’s citizens and has received over thousand friend requests on his social media website.

Suyash is the son of Rajesh Kumar Dixit, former scientist and Head of Department at New Holkar Science College (now president of the kingdom) and home maker Sangeeta. He is also the CEO of a IT company

Suyash claims that he will return to his kingdom next year and till then his minister will take care of the affairs!

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