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  • Captain Rohan Bhasin with his teacher Sudha Satyan in 2019 (L) and 3-yr-old Rohan Bhasin with his teacher in 1990-91 (R). (Twitter/nivedita_bhasin)
Thirty years ago, a three-year old Rohan Bhasin had introduced himself to his teacher as ‘Captain Rohan Bhasin’ not knowing that one day it would all turn out to be a reality.
28 Mar 2019 - 4:34 PM  UPDATED 28 Mar 2019 - 5:12 PM

Twitter cannot stop gushing over a heartfelt reunion between a play school teacher and her student who had a chance encounter after 30 years some 30,000 feet above air, in a flight heading to the US.

Sudha Satyan had just fastened her seatbelt aboard an Air India plane flying to Chicago when the in-flight announcement of the captain’s name pulled at her heartstrings.

She wondered if her flight’s captain was her ex-student Rohan Bhasin who had once introduced himself as ‘Captain’ during playschool admissions.

Although the probability of that happening was rare, Ms Satyan took a chance and asked the flight crew to introduce her to the pilot.

And as fate would have it, her happiness knew no bounds when she realised that her hunch was in fact spot on and the flight was being flown by none other than her once zealous student who had nonchalantly introduced himself as ‘captain’, three decades ago, not knowing that it would indeed turn out to be true.  

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What followed was a tearful reunion between the teacher who had taught and the student who had not only learned but excelled.

The pictures of the happy encounter were shared on twitter by Mr Bhasin’s mother, Nivedita Bhasin, who is also an Air India pilot.

The Mumbai-based pilot, Rohan Bhasin who started his flying career in 2007, hails from a unique aviator family which boasts of a rich legacy of pilots.

Right from his late grandfather, to both his parents, sister and himself, the five members together have clocked over a 100 years of flying among them, which when totaled comes down to over 8,76,000 hours of flight time.

While Mr Bhasin’s late grandfather, Captain Jai Dev Bhasin, was among the first few pilots to become a commander in India in mid 50s, his parents who were earlier with the former Indian Airlines are at present pilots with the country’s national carrier.

And his younger sister Niharika who is also married to a pilot works with a private budget airline.

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