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  • Lilly Singh and Diljit Dosanjh (Instagram/iisuperwomanii)
The video was posted by YouTube star Lilly Singh on her Instagram handle showcases her encounter with Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh.
11 Apr 2019 - 5:13 PM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2019 - 5:13 PM

YouTuber Lilly Singh’s recent video featuring Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh is quintessentially how Punjabis greet each other, even if they happen to be total strangers.

In the video, posted by the social media sensation on her Instagram page, Ms Singh can be seen shaking hands with a couple of fans until she encounters Diljit also standing in the queue.

When the two exchange pleasantries, the conversation that ensues between them is as relatable as it can get, arguably for every Punjabi out there in the world.

Starting from the banal ‘how are you’ exchange, the meet and greet quickly escalates to questions about family, place of origin, the obvious food reference and ends with a ‘bye’ that alone lasts for a couple of seconds, as is normally the case.

Watch the hilarious video for yourself!

Ms Singh who recently told the world that she’d be soon hosting her own late night show on a US network was in Mumbai for a YouTube FanFest, which concluded on Saturday.

She established her presence in 2010 when she started her YouTube channel and used the platform to draw attention to a variety of subjects including her Indian heritage, the experience of growing up with the immigrant tag, gender equations, and friendship.

Indian-Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh creates television history
YouTuber Lilly Singh will be the first 'woman of colour' to host a late-night talk show on a US broadcast network.

Ms Singh releases her videos under the moniker ‘Superwoman’ and has over 14 million subscribers to her channel - which she describes as ‘comedy, inspiration and good vibes.’

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