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  • Chander Ram's fan moment with music composer and singer A.R. Rahman. (Supplied)
Chander Ram bought a new car and dedicated it to Oscar-winning music composer and singer A.R. Rahman, who personally responded to his 'biggest fan,' sending Twitter into a frenzy.
21 May 2019 - 4:29 PM  UPDATED 21 May 2019 - 4:29 PM

An Indian-origin IT professional based in Melbourne has become an overnight online sensation after he made an emotional tribute dedicated to internationally acclaimed music composer and singer A.R. Rahman.

Earlier this month, Chander Ram bought a brand new BMW Z4 roadster, the car he had been dreaming to buy for himself for the last four years. And to make it ‘worth the wait,’ he went on to spend another $800 on a personalised registration plate bearing the initials of his favourite musician.

An avid music lover from Bengaluru in southern India, Mr Ram then took to the microblogging site Twitter and posted a picture of him next to his new acquisition, accompanied with a heartfelt dedication to Mr Rahman.

“AR Rahman I might be your biggest fan ever. Today I bought my dream car and I knew I’d cherish it for a long time. I wanted the car to have my idol’s name on it,” Mr Ram wrote on Twitter.

"Thank you for changing my life with your music,” he added.

The post has since gone viral on Twitter.

Speaking to SBS Punjabi, Mr Ram said he had no idea that his simple display of affection for the maestro would strike a chord with so many people across the globe.

“I began listening to Rahman sir’s compositions perhaps since the time he started his career with Roja. His music touches my soul and inspires me in a million ways,” said Mr Ram.

“But I had no clue that my simple act would go viral. Ever since I put it up on Twitter, it has been retweeted by 16,000 people. I have since been flooded with friend requests on Facebook and messages from unknown people across the globe,” he added.

But the biggest surprise came from the Oscar-winner composer himself when he actually cared to respond to his loyal fan.

Breaking out of his ‘man of few words’ image, Mr Rahman not only retweeted Mr Ram’s post but also offered him his congratulations along with a word of advice, much to the delight of the young fan.

A two-time winner and five-time nominee of the Academy Award, Mr Rahman is credited with redefining contemporary Indian music and is best known for his expertise in integrating classical music with popular strains.

Mr Ram who migrated to Australia in the late 90s told SBS Punjabi that it took him more than a decade and a number of efforts to realise his dream of meeting Mr Rahman in person.

“Every time I’d attend his concert here in Australia or in India, I would make an effort to meet the maestro but it never happened until 2017,” said Mr Ram.

“It was during a concert in Delhi that I struck a friendship with one of his team members who eventually arranged for me to meet and greet the star."

"I told him I'd love to be a part of his crew if he'd let me be and he laughed at my proposition and said you'd get bored in a few days. That interaction was a life-altering moment for me,” recalled Mr Ram.

Now armed with Rahman’s music collection, his autobiography and a personal rapport, Chander Ram dreams of meeting the man once again.

"I hope I can see him during my trip to India later this year," he said.

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